Clash Royale: NEW UPDATE! 🧘 Two New Cards and much more! (TV Royale)


Kyouno 👍170

Just imagine you are about to win the game with a rocket with low health king tower, then a monk player deflects it back to your tower and you costed yourself a win

🎃 MichaelCB_YT 🎃 👍51

TV Royale hype! I can’t wait to see what the team has been working on! 😀

BimbleWomble 👍22

spider gwen has nice curves

candy Suraj 👍15

Please get them onto arenas not after level 14 😐

gichinga mwaka 👍13

Phoenix is going to be the most annoying card by far.

XIX 👍13


Crusher 21 👍12

I’m just happy about the more fair match making

Tigo Wouters 👍12

Its my birthday roday 🎉🥳

BitAlphaOmega 👍11

Cant wait for the new champion to reflect the rage spell

Boracay 👍11

I’m hoping they change the cost of the monk’s ability to 2 elixir… seems kinda broken to only cost 1

real man 👍11

If be honest. Phoenix from coc better then cr

Nyttou Ninja 👍10

Monk kinda seems like a hell to balance, seeing that it can deflect just about anything

B-rad 👍10


BimbleWomble 👍10

The team of supercell. I make one request. Every match I play I get hardcounted. I change decks. My opponents change. Please balance ladder. I think matching profecient players against hard opponents is essential for equality, but it has gone to far. Thankyou for your time.
Anyone reading this, please like to boost the comment in the hopes of the supercell team reading this comment.


به توجه به این موضوع که ایرانی ها در بازی کلش رویال بسیار فعال هستند باید اغراق کنم که بسیار توهین آمیز هست که حتی یک ترجمه فارسی برای ویدئو شما وجود ندارد Considering that Iranians are very active in the game clash Royal , I must exaggerate that it is very offensive that there is not even a Persian translation for your video.


I think its an L update

Thunder Fuller 👍9

As a brand new lvl 14, this update is brutal

Budgies 👍9

This update will kill the game again. Previous balance changes update killed mirror and 2.6 hog player decks. Now this will kill logbait. I am quiting the game becase of this update

Alessandro Leon 👍9

I Hope its something good for the Lavaloon BC it was nerfed indirectly so much..😭😭😭

Homelander 👍9

Phoenix and?

♡︎Bandit La Voleuse♡︎ 👍9

this is so long i really want to see this 😭😭

Jatin 👍8

I hope game turns back into good old days

Trent Kroll 👍8

This is terrible bro. The cards are awful

christina sprous 👍8

I’m a Female player. What if I would like a queen tower instead? The game tends to go with more male dominated material. It’s getting better just think women can defend a tower too. Queen Elizabeth did it for almost 100 years. 😹

Bryan Lara 👍8


Lucas Cok 👍8

Do the new king levels come with more health

Andrea Panarelli 👍8

I play to Clash Royale since 8 years and I love this game always more since when I started to play. I am just worried about my version of Android for the next update because my phone is a new phone and my Android version max is 1.0. Android system in my phone is completely updated then I hope I’ll can keep on playing to Clash Royale….

輝く騎士-neqXK 👍8

really bad update, im quitting the game.

Bᴀɴᴄʏシ 👍8

nah bro how a card who do the uno reverse card effect cannot be op and why add like 40 levels to king towera

Gerald glass memes 👍8

I’ve played since the game came out. Level 14 king tower almost got me to quit but it sounds like this is it for me.