"i need to just let the spirit of Ryley possess me"


patsy dow 👍8

good thing I took a break from this game at a good time. another hellish meta 💀

BBM • 37 years ago 👍4

Why is a big muscular man carrying a big drill and giant bomb as fast as a little green man with a pice of steel


Juice, what’s the best Skeleton King deck?

Juan 👍2

I guess you can say Ryley was inside you 💀

Mykola Em 👍2

Why does he always say : “Let’s go “chat""?

Innocent 👍0

When nobody has faced Mighty Miner since it came out:

TylerPlayz145 👍0

Ryley too good 😂

Music 👍0

“That game was nutty" 💦

Toastshiro 👍0

I also felt ryley’s spirit coming inside me 😩

xSweqtii 👍0

voicecrack 😂


He got that Ryley in him

Thegamemaster 👍0

me on my alt be like

Jospotato 👍0

Nutty game that excites you

Maradonna 👍0

Ian > Riley

Amir El Hanafi 👍0

I tried this deck hours ago and I won 10 matches straight, most of them were hella confused lol

Ant 👍0

He’s a YouTube

Beck Ballas 👍0

mad respect for how well he plays this deck 👏

Joaquim Castell 👍0

pov: ur oponent is dogshit

BennyD 👍0

so based juicy