TOP 3: Cards from Arena 10 in Clash Royale ⚡️


paulsh20 👍7

3 zappies
2 hunter
1 e – barbs ( I do not play e barbs there just in number one because of how strong they are 🤡

Coldzone 👍4

Billy, this zappy love is getting out of hand😳

Ultramite 👍4

elite barbarians? 🌈 🌈 🌈

Suyash Sapkota 👍4

Hot take: the tombstone is the best building

Lol Xd 👍2

1. Should be ebarbs

OutrunSteak3571 👍1

Day 2 of waiting for you to rate your oven

YouTube raccoon 👍1

Hot take: zappies are overrated people act like it’s the second cumming of Jesus. It’s a good card but not the best in clash like calm tf down

Aggelboss 👍1

Where ebarbs🦧

TPMitch06 👍1

Hot Take: electro spirit is the best spirit. It’s chain can get good value, it stuns and can retarget, and does an ok amount of damage.

Bcperks2 👍1

Call me the number 1 golem player… please

Ezra Youngberg 👍0

I gotta agree that zappies are looking pretty-

Drilon Krasniqi 👍0

Zappies and Hunter are underrated ahould have more love

MemeEnjoyer 👍0

And even if the zappies don’t get a positive trade idk how you can ever not draw out a fireball making it a even trade

Yaqeen Arnold 👍0

Why did I expect ebarbs

OutrunSteak3571 👍0

Day 3 of waiting for you to rate your oven

Demirlers 👍0

Hot take day 2:electro spirit is so underrated

JoshyyCute 👍0

Zappies looks like three electrifying nipples

Skyphide 👍0

I love lavaloon and hog eq nowadays its really fun and skillfull to play not to mention my own lavaloon deck
1) lavahound
2)flying machine
3) fire cracker
4) miner
5) balloon
7) arrows

Miner is so good it can tank for lavapups and take down musketeer or tank for flying machine or firecracker

Teeeko Taco 👍0

A Youtuber of the name Clayclaim made Zappie Ornaments out of clay so if yall’s want a little bit of that Clashmas spirit on your tree then check it out!!!

Blanca Torres 👍0

can you do a vido how good hog exe nado plz i am trying to learn how to play it

Fr3kman 👍0

Surprised Tesla didn’t take Hunter’s spot

Osmar Almada 👍0

Cool video

Ezequiel Perez 👍0

Zappies good

carolina cardenas 👍0


Whysosadlol 👍0

Zappies are so op

Davidtron 👍0

Hunter is in arena 10? I thought it was in arena 1

andrew wang 👍0

1. hunter
2. zappies
3. golem

noobtube 👍0