HOT TAKE: The Goblin Hut is OP in Clash Royale 🚨


Luke Bader- Finance 👍25

Screw that. Spawner decks are some of the highest skill decks in the game. You are just terrible so you don’t know that.

dat_boi_jake 👍5

Hot take: arrows is the best spell in the game rn


Hot take: every really annoying/incredibly easy to use card should never be actually better than something that takes skill

Snod 👍4

Can’t wait for the furnace buff where it summons 3 fire spirits at a time

Stupidcake 👍4

Hot tals: Spear goblins are underpowered and needs a buff

JoshyyCute 👍3

Hot take: The royal delivery would be much better if you can actually deploy it to the opposite side

x1g 👍3

Hot take: wizard and mk are cards that can punish big pushes on defense so those cards are very good against bad players

Tehkonde 👍3

Hot take: the ice wizard is the most underrated card in the game.

Josh B 👍2

I think the spawners are fine. I used furnace in my deck for a very, very long time and watched it become a healthy, meh damage to something that is really squishy but does a ton of damage if left alone. Its tricky to balance something that inherently gives value for being on the field like a pump, and after playing with the hut buff I think its in a good spot, its more like the furnace now with its more threatening damage.

Just Lucky 👍2

Hot take: It takes more skill to win with higher average elixir decks than lower. (Not like egiant cycle or something, but normally) You learn when to let damage go and which interactions lead to saving elixir.

Hunter Penick 👍2

Hot take: E-giant should not be able to do retaliation damage against archer Queen when she is invisible

Randy Bo Bandy 👍2

Hot take: I couldn’t think of any hot takes.😔

Annabel Lee The Band 👍2

Spawners should only ever be a good defensive option.

BfmDSm 👍2

Hot take 1: rare is the worst rarity. Cards from other rarities are usually more versitile, valk is one of the only good versitile rare cards
Hot take 2: prince is really underrated, it’s so much harder to counter it than a Pekka or a MK and the range it has is also really annoying. Put it in any bridgespam deck and you’ll se what i mean
Hot take 3: pretty much any really good deck can be considered noskill, because some of these decks have such a good strategy, so a skillful deck would have to be bad and hard to win with

Måns Möller 👍2

Hot take
Wizard is underrated by pros.

Zekie 👍1

HOT TAKE: The mirror should be buffed again.

If the +2 levels is too OP, maybe make it +1.5 levels instead. Or keep the +1 level but make it the same elixir cost as the card you’re mirroring

Alex 👍1

Spawners seem too difficult to balance. I hate the furnace with a burning passion.

Kiriko🤍 👍1

Spawner decks no skill? Spawners are weak? Some are but like the goblin hut and tombstone are very strong currently and some spawner decks are high skill. Is it you making this video?

The Shadow Guy 👍1

Hot take : giant skeleton > goblin giant

A random account on YouTube 👍1

Hot take: mighty miner is the best champion

Ducktail 👍1

No goblin hut is OP. Spear goblins actually do high damage and 3 at a time is a legitimate threat then 3 at spawn is just Overkill.

paul_mollenk 👍1

Idf if Hot take but: Royale ghost shouldn’t take damage while invisible

Wonderleader882 👍1

Hot take: Monk is the golden knight is bad rn

hijab punjabi 👍1

Hot take: ice golem is brain dead and needs a rework

moroccoball 👍1

Hot take: barb barrel should have knockback on non tanky cards

OutrunSteak3571 👍0

Day 11 of waiting for you to rate your oven

Gamakujira64 E 👍0

I think tombstone is the exception to the “spawners should always be terrible” rule

The RedArmyBruh 👍0

Only spawner that isn’t annoying is tombstone. Or I’m just being biased as it’s my fav card

Ezra Youngberg 👍0

Hot take: pekka is the most brainless card in the game

FloppySalmon Brawl Stars 👍0

Hot take: The phoenix is no longer a top 5 card?