Why the Phoenix Needs ANOTHER NERF in Clash Royale 🤦‍♂️


Tim Groot Bruinderink 👍10

The problem is that it renders mega minion and even baby dragon kinda useless.
But tbh I don’t see a change where both the phoenix and mega minion have a good spot in the meta, it will always be one or the other

Soapfaces 👍10

It doesn’t really need a nerf imo, it may have killed mega minion but it’s really easy to beat for me and my deck only has one air counter (that being baby dragon)

Why 👍9

The phoenix is balanced, its now easy to counter

冽風Liffro 👍5

Hot take: all wizards need either a rework or a slight buff

Andy Sy and Tails Plays 👍5

Day 1 Hot Take: They should’ve never done the champion rework and kept it for something like a king tower level 13 requirement. (I play LL freeze and fuck the archer queen, bc whenever I see it I want to toss my phone in the microwave)

Chicalo 👍5

just remove the egg and make it an epic card

UKyaw Ukyaw 👍5

me countering with just e wiz

Narcissus 👍4

Idk what you mean it only has nearly the amount of dps the prince has, a respawn mechanic that you always somehow miss by the last second and it’s a flying card I’m not sure which part of this in unbalanced

Milk 👍4

Hot take: lava hound needs a nerf. It’s been too good for too long and a play style where you just spam cards in the bridge and ignore anything your opponent places shouldn’t be as common as it is so high on ladder

patsy dow 👍4

hot take: monk nerf killed the card

The Overseer 👍3

1️⃣Nerf hitspeed.
2️⃣Have the HP be equal to archer queen.

then, finally, 3️⃣buff the egg HP so it doesn’t die to log

Average Sonic Main 👍3

How about we just buff mega minions dpa instead

Deadstay 👍2

Hot take: Mega Draft is the best gamemode (post #4)

1AhMqD 👍2

Hot take: Whenever your deck gets hard counterd and you play another deck supercell matches you with another hard counter on purpose. It happened to me more than 10 times

Cr king 👍2

No cause I use phoenix

Oliver Howard 👍2

Idk really in my opinion it doesn’t need a nerf it can be killed by rocket or lightning or even a simple musketeer. Not to mention you can kill it with the log and the egg doesn’t survive 2 seconds without being killed.

KN0X 👍2

The biggest problem about phoenix is that flying mashine baby dragon and mega minion are useless

MrBetter 👍1

wdym it is strong?Monk got nerfed and e golem is out of the meta so i dont she why pheonix needs a nerf if it doesent have a op deck

Storm Fang 👍1

Nah man wants it to be useless.

Tachonka 👍1

hot take: elite barbarians are not a low skill card

Liam Nash 👍1

Hot Take: Goblin Barrel is too strong

Fun stuff for sad people 👍1

C’mon bro this card very shit in the hand of trash player, the megaminon just a bad card not because the phoniex to strong , before the phoniex release megaminon already weak

Julien 👍1

I feel like Supercell was just trying to make a better mega minion considering that mega minion has never really been meta

1characterlong 👍0

Yessir and Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉

OutrunSteak3571 👍0

Day 23 of waiting for you to rate your oven

KingZxyqopnmv7924 👍0

Very much agree. Won my first classic challenge today with egiant phoenix and I faced phoenix about half of my games.

AW Shorts 👍0

What he didn’t tell us:
He just lost a game to phoenix cycle

Rick Martinez 👍0

HOT TAKE: Phoenix is good as is

Krmhsp 👍0

Just buff the mega minion and give it a splash damage ( as big as a skelly drag splash area) and lower the damage a little

DIYLobotomy 👍0

I’d really like to see a slight Mega Minion buff on top of a Phoenix nerf. I know the Mega Minion has always been a super tricky card to change, ranging from being stupid broken to completely useless, but I feel like a slight attack speed buff would do it some justice especially after it got completely overshadowed by the Phoenix. Maybe take it from 1.6 -> 1.4