Why You Should BM in Clash Royale 😂☠️


andrew wang 👍13

Hot take: The magic archer finger wag emote is the most toxic emote

Eternal 👍9

people with emotes disabled:

I am five parallel universes ahead of you

God Emperor Saulot 👍8

Me saying good luck, turning of the emotes and turning them back at the end of the game to say good game

Brad Scott 👍8

Day 8, hot take: clash royals needs to stop adding champs and legendaries and focus more on other rarities

God Emperor Saulot 👍5

That graveyard at the end was game changing

Kaidne 👍5

It’s all fun and games to bm until they place a maxed mega knight

Luck-Gaming22 👍4

Not gonna lie I have no idea what BM means I know it’s is emoting but what does it stand for?

GOATfam 👍4

Hot take: Egolem is the worst win condition in the game

Gru 👍3

I use my emotes in a very polite manner. We are not the same 🎩☕️

Rx 👍3

i make people leave cuz i spend the whole game doing the king laugh 😂

andrew wang 👍3

When I win I usually use the laughing goblin emote. I use the laughing E-wiz emote when my opponent cries or rages after losing or if I beat a hard counter

LukasLambs 👍2

What I do sometimes is say good luck then immediately play a pressure card at the bridge hoping they’ll say “thanks” or “good luck” back and not react to my card quickly

William C 👍2

What is bm’ing?

b0om_k1d 👍1

Anyone else feels bad when u bm someone only for the opponent to say “Good Game”

Alireza Moshiri 👍1

I hope you loes every single game you play.

K.L.O 👍1

What the fuck is bm?

Nick Flam 👍1

I only bm in three situations, when they make a huge mistake, if they’ve been bming me and I win, and if they play super aggressively and badly.

HyperCube 👍1


Random 👍0

Day 4 of suggesting this idea: You should compare to similar cards and decide which is better. (ex. bats vs minions)

Crossbow wobssorC 👍0

Not me using heart firecracker, saying good game and wishing every enemy good luck

BMB 👍0

Full tilt is the most stereotypical graveyard player ever. Makes fun of new players and loves to bm

The Overseer 👍0

Honestly it just makes me focus on the game. I also mute cuz tbf, it’s hardly a game changer if you are good.

Or if your opponent is overleveled. I know enough about the game to let it be when the odds aren’t in my favor. Or if I’m just bad, lol

Super Luigi 64 👍0

BM 2.6 best thing in the game >:)

David K 👍0

Such a shitty take. You could have convinced thousands of poeple to be more respectful of each other but instead you condone this toxic behaviour.

Such a shame. I was enjoying your channel.

nshadow 962 👍0

I have emotes enabled but I never BM, I only leave it on to say good luck or reply thanks or oops when I fuck something up and wow when they fuck up

edit: Oh but in friendly matches, my friends get no mercy

I am a goat 2 👍0

i never bm people in clash royale, i always say good game well played whenever i loose or win


I play with mute on 100% of the time, bm made me so angry that i started hating clash royale, it’s a lot more fun now that I play on mute

Ibrahim samman 👍0

I think you forgot that other people have feelings too before creating this video


*6:20:49** Can we just take a minute to congratulate how much hours and passion was put in these videos?*
*It is incredible, and I consider they justify much more than that.*

Dean Szefler 👍0

“How good is bm’ing? Let’s find out;"