Clash Royale Should Remove This Item IMMEDIATELY…


Hi Ei 👍6

Ah c’mon it’s not useless, it’s a nice way to see if a card is worth upgrading or not (without wasting precious resources)

The Epicest 👍3

Finally someone said it

Mediocre Content Avenue 👍2

It can help if your using a deck that isn’t your main. (I play miner wallbreakers) I wanted to try miner poison for a little and it’s helped a little I guess, still would rather get banner tokens from challenges though.

Patrick Middleton 👍2

I don’t need things that help me progress, I need banner tokens 😆

Jonttu 👍2

It would be too op to get a whole deck leveled up, increase the duration to 24 hours so you can actually use the leveled card for a while and get to know if it’s worth upgrading

Daniel Han 👍1

I initially thought the boost lasted a week but can be applied to one card at a time lol. I don’t think that a week long boost sounds that broken if only one card can be in its effect at a time

ThePrimeYeeter 👍1

still better than banners i guess

CarlDaBlob 👍0

if only we’d get more then one boost potion per week, like they said we would, it would actually be pretty nice to stack. still not useless imo

Louis Structure 👍0

If anything I just use it as an extra 500 gold due to overflowing the slots i have

Sleary CR 👍0

Yeah at this point I’m just saving mine up for some reason. I can’t play this game for a full hour so what’s the bother in using them. They’re pretty much useless

Josh B 👍0

I would literally rather have banner tokens than this shit. I almost always sit at 8 so I can just get the 500 gold, not to mention this item is LITERALLY USELESS if you’re using a max deck.

YaBoyBeVibin 👍0

it’s good if you want to see if a card is good for you deck but don’t want to spend gold

Gru 👍0

It’s not useless, sometimes I like to test differing cards to see if it can improve or change the playstyle of my self made deck without having to spend gold immediately

MinerMaster 👍0

Nah, they’ll never do that, if they made it upgrade your whole deck, or like in CoC, all your cards, people would have the potential to get away with progressing without spending their all their time or life savings actually upgrading the cards they want to use at any given time. Clash Royale exists solely to make a profit.

Random 👍0

Day 1 of asking you to make a video about comparing similar cards. I know you have said that you were going to do this, but we listed card combos and haven’t seen anything. Saying this so you don’t forget.

SamSamii 2.0 👍0

I agree

Jordan Donovan 👍0

I 100% agree this is the most useless item, I’d rather take any other type of reward that’d actually help me progress in the game over this, another shitty move by supercell

CDB18 👍0

i LOVE this boost potion. i bought a few with gems i earned from mastery’s when it first launched. now trying to climb ladder or path of legends with cards that are part of the meta that are lvl 9-11 to an instant 13 helps my deck out. I already have a decent amount of high level cards but not enough to fill a full deck without using the same boring cards. it’s annoying to only upgrade single cards for only a short amount of time but it’s enough to make me significantly progress in P.O.L and ladder that help me out

Nathan 77 👍0

Only wrong statement is saying that rewards help players

eaf e 👍0


Kordus 👍0

I only use this on win my low level conditions in cw

Ne Ns 👍0

I bought thirteen of these when it was first released I don’t know wtf I was thinking at that time💀💀💀

your mom 👍0

I think that they should make it so that it boosts a card for 24 hours or boosts you’re entire deck for 2 hours and to also increase the gold exchange when you go over the limit

Jay6ix 👍0

1 hour for the whole deck sounds way better ngl doesn’t seem op or none it’ll make it worth having In the game

Nikola Vranic 👍0

Stfu my guy i pushed lader in few hosurs my mega nut was lv9 and it gone to lv13

arklethesparkle 👍0

I guess its okay for testing out new cards, but either make them more abundant or give better rewards

Average Sonic Main 👍0

They should change it to 20 matches instead of one hour👍

arjun00n 👍0

Agreed 😅

Thabas 👍0

The only reason supercell added that bottle of shit was to take out banners from the challenges, ever since december youneed to gem at least 4 times to hope of getting all the banners

KindOfAGod 👍0

The only cards I play, I already have maxed, sp what’s the point of this? Honestly the 500 gold you get for exchanging it is worth more