AMG Cup: Mega Draft Edition – Day 1


Kushan Yousefi 👍3

where is ryley?

Brian Ramirez 👍2

It’s gonna be Ian vs Mohammad light watch

Anshuman Tripathi 👍2

Would be grateful if you can add timestamps for each player and set

Manny 👍1


cheemsito 👍1

Taths epic

ryan 👍0

Best game mode theyve added in a long time!

Rafid Ikbar Athallah 👍0

Bro anaban tho, lose the first match even ian didnt have unit that could attack air, lose the second match against GY even tho he has mother witch. Anaban take a huge L ngl

iAmNotGrootCODM 👍0

This gamemode is so freakin interesting to watch… 🔥🔥🔥

Varun Wadhwa 👍0

What’s up with egor what’s he doing i mean…does anyone know?
And thanks mini it’s interesting to have a pro commentating and sharing the ideas

Sports Moments 👍0

Why Morten not here rich

Brandon Luna 👍0

Is there streaming in Spanish ?


Congrats for 90k

BKA 👍0

I wish Inshane would compete this kind of tournament. Morten, Inshane this two are my fav CR utuber.

manya verma 👍0

Rich when the timer is over it is random selection 😂😂😂😂

Hazery Izzan 👍0

You should make multiple videos of each round

Rabbi Khan 👍0

Still waiting for the king of log bait Ryley

BKA 👍0

Gonna watch now since i missed the live

Kevin2001 👍0

This is awesome can’t wait for day 2

Jacob Godfrey 👍0

Thanks fir hosting always enjoy n loving the new mode

abraham 👍0

the fisherman though holy cow

mohamad 007 basti 👍0


HB Josher. 👍0