I’m Ranked #1 in the WORLD 🌎 🥇 with *NEW* Logbait Deck!



Bro got snipped 💀

ぞるあ 👍5

Funny that the two most downright entertaining clash YouTubers are also consistently both in the top 10 to top 3 in the world…

chris 👍5

ryley the way you place your goblin barrels down just gets me going

Lukas Vandeweyer 👍3

Riley even predicted Ian using the clickbait on his video 😂😂

Quizlz 👍3

Ian the sniping lord

dirai 👍2

Ian and Ryley’s rivalry is so funny 😂

TetrisKing 👍2

That Fenofinalform guys deck is proof you can run anything in this game. lol

Hassan Ail 👍2

اول تعلي انتة كلش محترف I like

Elias Kuchenbaur 👍2

Football or Eggball?


Nice vid

MyNameIs Foxxy 👍1

Ian’s pov: I’m gonna give Ryley the win, these are dire times for him
Ryley’s pov: He knew he couldn’t stop me anyways 😈😈😈😈

Silver… 👍1

Funny thing, I actually watched ian’s video before watching this 😂

CastleBravo 👍1

at some point there is nolonger going to be a new logbait deck 💀

TheRealBipe 👍1

Crazy how Ian only wins when he snipes Ryley 🤔

ManoGorre 👍1

Curious to why the use of EQ instead of Fireball, feel like FB is more versatile even tho it costs more (which is fair) doing more damage to units and hitting air troops

Liam Stevenson 👍1

12:46 average giant sparky player 💀💀

OnePiece SlayZ 👍1

Firstttt now you need to pin 📍 me

Wael Astro 👍1

First i love u from tunisia

Davi Veras 👍0

say this video in the morning in Ian’s channel and now on Ryley’s 🤣🤣🤣 man I love these guys so much, always laugh of them facing each other, and even better when both post the same matchup in a vid

Abdul Rehman 👍0

That gesture by lan is so respectful.

Nick Lanter 👍0

Just watched Ian’s vid, it’s so funny watching the rivalry😂 I like you way better tho

Apotheosis 👍0

I’m hyped for the guide 🤑🤑

MinerMaster 👍0

Supercell: Ryley’s #1 again, better nerf logbait some more

Kolbe 👍0

I didn’t even know these golem defenses existed smh

Tesseract 👍0

Never thought I’d see the day where earthquake was in logbait

Exploitzy 👍0

Best “NEW" logbait deck every day W

TheRooze 👍0

Bro the 1 opportunity you had to change your title to something new: “Ian sniped me and still lost for #1 in the world"
😭 your titles will never change for eternity

Matthew 👍0

Ryleys skill difference is so massive Supercell has to nerf him.

OrcazFN 👍0

Bro is top 1 with a *new* deck every video. Must be very creative

Jonathan Tannis 👍0

For someone who is always ranked 1# in the world I think it’s a crime that you never finish first supercell always nerf the cards you use just b4 the season ends just so you won’t finish first🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Must……….Stop………..Ryley