I finished top 10 in the world on 3 accounts😱


Ankit Patel 👍7

It’s hard to me to figure it out

Soham Banker 👍6

Clash Royale needs to release a new champion named Mohamed Light

Fatal Xff 👍3

Pedro tm deu aulas na última partida do top 1 contra o Mohamed

bidhanzq 👍2

Who finished 1 ??

Kayk Gabryell 👍1

É incrível como o Pedro é diferenciado de morteiro,o Mohamed venceu com facilidade do Adriel com o msm deck e perdeu 2 pro Pedro

5ava 👍1

Are you allowed to que against yourself, if you had 2 accounts at top 2 and top 3, could you just que against yourself to get top 1?

Obida x 👍1

ليه ما بتحكي عربي

FrozyLinck 👍1

imagine if he pinned this ( je sais mon reuf ) merci momo the GOAT ! 😀

just a cat 👍1

Hey Mo Light! I’ve been trying to find the best card to sub out the mighty miner lately, do you know what it could be 🤔.

Sahithyan Sahithyan 👍1

Bro i didn’t go to ultimate champion last season it’s really hard fro royal champion just 8 wins away if i win 3 ilose 4 any tips for push

Gurmail Singh 👍0

We left the profession 😒..fan from india 🇮🇳❤️

Mostafa Saleh 👍0

Mohammed I’m an og of the game but I took a 3y ear break 2019-2022. Let me tell you it is a delight to be back starting a brand new account and seeing a fellow Egyptian not just in the top ranks but absolutely dominating the rest . Keep it up champ 🇪🇬

Mohammed Almogalli 👍0

Love the uploads keep it up Mo❤❤❤

Ros Wong 👍0

I love the frequent uploads mo💕 G.O A.T

Jordan S 👍0

“Is this the best deck in the meta?”


8/10 of the top finishing decks were miner poison variants 😂

Elliott Shoemaker 👍0

Wow! That defense against the sparky deck was insanely impressive!! It is so fun watching you play!

EverKnight 👍0

Momo getting top 10 on THREE accounts WHILE answering questions on twitch, and lagging every 10 seconds.

Kyle Walker 👍0

Next season all places in top3💪🏼😂

Spectra beats 🎵 👍0

Ton accent français est incroyable 😆

ほっぺパン 👍0



Golden chair best of the best

AliSeng 👍0

Where do you open live???

Polo Donch 👍0

Couldnt beat #1 so you push with 3 decks… Weird, figure out the matchup kid

TheDaxe04 👍0

Eres nuestro ídolo!!!!! ❤️

Mr Nobody CR 👍0

Monk: I am a champion
Golden Knight: no I am the champion

Momo: And I am noob 🙂

Baymax 2.0 👍0

Faltou ser honesto aos seus fãs e colocar tua derrota contra o Pedro. Não é demérito algum mostrar a tua derrota, uma vez que você é o melhor jogador versátil da atualidade no jogo. Eu esperava uma atitude de reconhecimento ao Pedro pelo top 1 dele nesta temporada.

Ours 🐻 👍0

Incroyable il pouvait joué le dernier match et être top 1 mais il se dit et si on laissait Pedro finir top 1 grand Coeur

yHeroX 👍0

Pedro owns you

Boody Zina 👍0

Only Mo can win against the wifi card 💪👏

Nouras Muhammed 👍0

Light & Bulb Everywhere In Top 10 👀