I Beat the G.O.A.Ts in $1,000,000 Clash Royale League


Joseph Chase Ileto 👍29

Does this mean Ian’s the GOAT?

Arttu Ahonen 👍6

Incredible that you play against the best of the best and still manage to commentate your gameplay for us.


Hey noob now only I saw you losing to kityannas🤮 you can’t handle to controlling the baloon though you having musketeer and bomb tower.. shameful person🤢🤢🤮

Cloud 👍3

Surgical goblin fisherman really did him dirty

Utkarsh 👍3

11:11 is it just me or did someone else noticed that goblin laugh emote with weird voice 🤯

ひーくん 👍3


Alan 👍2

Some very intense games! Also this bracket seems quite rigged with 3 of the best players playing each other.


Are you sure, it’s mortens mu? You always complain about that they have nado and cannon against your hog, also gk is busted?

D1amond_YT 👍2

Very intense games, but not too spectacular. Mostly playing on mistakes of opponents, and im talking about all competitors


I can not beleive that you can play so well and do the comments at the same time! I have got a little theory that you do the video-recording and the voice part after.

Nathan Bégel 👍1

Easily the best video you’ve ever made, the music fits so well and the games were super intense 👌

Jason Zielke 👍1

It’s crazy how composed you are during these and you still manage to not only commentate but sounds like you’re having fun too

Lozano 👍1

Notice how Ryley isn’t in the video 🫣

jaden 👍1

Who the hell laughed at 11:12 😂

It’s Content FF 👍1

Do ryley even participate in tournaments or not. If does than Ian77 vs ryley will continue in tournaments to. By the way all the best for your tournaments.

Efan Purnawan 👍1

I’m from Indonesia 😁

Freeze 👍1

Golden knight is such a perfectly balanced card.

Kurt Evans 👍1

Does he post any time he loses?

nanimopopo 👍1

Bro my heart bounced harder than on my exams

Speedster5 👍1

If you beat goats are you a goat or a wolf?


I see lan sometimes say “I do choke sometimes"
but the missing part is: “what Ryley always does"

KaintingRed 👍0

Ian: We have giant skeleton for his drill if we need it
Also Ian after like a second: I’ll play my own giant skeleton
and he still gets away with that

Nasty 👍0

The Epic music in background make it so good haha , congrats bro !

freedomfreedomhoi 👍0

Morten is my fav player but Ian is getting closer and closer. Very skillful and entertaining, really enjoy the vids!

kïtsune 👍0

Let’s go man! Nice wins! Only wish you uploaded all of your matches tho, even your 1 loss.

I figured you’d do really well in CRL, bc you’re very versatile when it comes to different decks. Obviously you’re a hog cycle god, but you’re a lot more versatile than many content creators who are more specialists. Nothing wrong with being a specialist, I mean no shade towards them bc I appreciate them when I want to learn their archtype specialty. But it definitely is better to be versatile in CRL since you can’t reuse the same cards and you can’t really rely on winning your best deck everytime if someone counters it

Aravind Reddy 👍0

Don’t be disappointed that you didn’t make it.keep your confidence up,you’ll get it next month

Vishal Pandey 👍0

Bro never fails to amaze us💙

Nirankar Singh 👍0

7:06 I was thinking why did he go for miner so early.. lavahould still had a lot of health. But turned out it was a master stroke

StinkyPoke 👍0

There was no upload from Ian yesterday… It was hard to go an entire day without watching an Ian video

Chapter1 👍0

ian using the deck that ryley made first game