UNBELIEVABLE Golden Knight Dash


Luke Faehn2 👍3

This is actually crazy! Sirtag, I love your vids and this one is no different. In fact, the golden knight is one of my favorite cards so this just hits the spot for me. Thank you ❤

Darkness 👍3

How did you do this ahah love your content sirtag


Ayyy nice trick shot, totally calculated 😅right ?

biscuit the zappy 👍2

Clash royale needs to focus on nerfing this dash lmao

Aidan Darling 👍1

damn theses short have such good editing

HibbanH3 👍1

These short videos are really fun to watch and I’m really glad you do will do more of these 😊

Mike Vasquez 👍1

Golden Knight OP Win Condition! Unpredictable dash lol

Lazedizzy 👍1

Do you think they should nerf it Sirtag? If so, how would they do it?

eaf e 👍1

Can you us how to count elixir and cards cycle in the future video

SleepingDog 👍1

It happened because the card is fair and balanced 💕

Jake Portillo 👍1

What do you mean unfair. He lined up his troops and he can dash 10x

Jake Es 👍1

Wuuuut?! I didn’t see this video. I gotta check it out!

Ryhze 👍1

Hey tag, my mom just got me the pass yesterday and I used creator code sirtag ❤️ you definetely deserved it more than anyone else i watch, your consistent daily uploads and decks have got me to arena arena 15 (so close to unlocking golden knight), the least i could do was use code sirtag ❤️😁


In six year of playing clash ro…
Man golden knight is from 2 years 😂

Nife Shoyinka 👍1



which video is this in?!?!

Crafty 👍1

I had a golden knight dash over 3 tiles because of firecracker pushback!

Ali 👍0

Gk’s dash is so random and unpredictable. Nice n clean jake keep it awesome

lem rl 👍0

That’s insane! ❤️‍🔥

Rhaelsura 👍0

Can relate, 2v2 enemies were rocking swarm decks and Golden Knight is dashing like he’s making a constellation

KVL Gamer 👍0

Supercell after seeing this short:
Better nerf the log


I am also playing from 6 year but king lv11

Code: Patrick-Royale 👍0

I can tell you what happened tag. It’s called "Logic"

eaf e 👍0


Vautrin Jean 👍0

Kill half of the opposant push + 400 tower damage FOR 1 ELIXIR 🙂

Valikaze 👍0

bruh my golden knight is disabled he doesnt dash when the tower is right next to him


I think you won’t stop praising golden knight like this in your videos until supercell nerf it😒

Unbalance 👍0

Check my video! I had something almost similar

TTVGirthyBih 👍0

1 elixer? Seems fair.


truly golden Knight moment.