Hot Take: Using NO SKILL Decks Doesn't Matter in Clash Royale


Artificial 👍15

Hot take: mega knight is really weak and needs to be buffed

Also, I’m not a mega knight player

DoBs 👍12

I remember when the game didnt have these scuffed cards like recruits, e-golem, and mk
The game was all about skilled decks and low level cards at top arenas
Holy shit, it has been passed 4 years already

Jack Jeffers 👍9

Whatever you say, but if you unironically play mk lumberloon freeze cycle I’m still making fun of you

Cyber Gamer 👍9

Not a hot take, but I felt like mentioning it to see other people’s thoughts on this.

It being that Skelleton Dragons weren’t a good card idea. They’re quite literally a niche alternative to the Baby Dragon, a flawed but effective Heavy Hitter that has solidified a niche for years. All Skelleton Dragons do is remove the tank aspect (the Baby Dragon’s main selling point) for fragile splashers.

I think this since they’re used exclusively in Lava Hound decks (at least from what I could tell)

RatGod 👍6

I have a crazy game mode idea. Ranged Royale Triple Draft. The game mode plays like standard triple draft with these key differences: each player chooses 4 ranged cards, 2 projectile spells (Fireball, Arrows, etc) and 2 win conditions (excluding Hog Rider, Royal Hogs, and any card that can be placed anywhere on the field). The key differences are all towers are set to 10hp, and have a permanent Monk ability on them, so first to get a win con to reach the tower wins, no buildings allowed

Yo Boi 👍5

Hot take: All meta decks have no originality nor any skill. Meta decks are so easy to use and don’t need any fancy placement to use correctly, they’re basically rock, paper, scissors moments for who would win.

Creating your own deck DOES take more skill because of your cards to choose freely to know what the battle might be like if you have a royal hog eq but the opponent has a tank, homemade deck users would have the right card with the right scenarios to counter play it. It doesn’t matter win or lose, creating your own deck is a Gigachad strategy.

A Really Strong Testicle 👍4

I do think people who play no skill spam decks should be bullied for it.

Tomgr 👍4

Hot take: supercell don’t want to balance no skill cards for money

Kobe 👍3

Xbow needs a buff

Spooksies 👍3

I like the part where he clearly defines what decks he considers “skillful to play", because that’s not totally subjective or anything

Osvaldo Rubalcava 👍3

Anything involving log or goblin barrel is automatically no skill

Chad 👍2

Hot Take: Miner got the worst nerf in Clash Royale History 😢

Gaming Vano 👍2

Hot take: matching shoud be same level

Lluviatibia 👍2

ok you tell me then. whats a skilled deck? pure skill no bs go on

SamSamii 2.0 👍2

_Insert a card_ is way too no skill, I’ll never understand the people that are saying playing the game takes skill

Im in ur walls 👍2

Bro we need more members in ur clan we only have 40😭 please join

biguzivert 👍2

it’s not really now skill because if u have a bomb tower plus fireball then the recruits push is done. everything gets countered. cycle players just sit there and complain about “low skill decks” because they just wanna spam skeletons and ice spirit all game and play defense and complain that people like using heavier decks to play offense.

Ammazer 122 👍2

Hot take: beatdown decks like golem take skill because you have to survive 2 minutes with a deck twice as expensive as your opponent and if you’re playing a competent player as soon as you drop your golem they’ll put something in the opposite lane. As a beatdown player you need to play well on the defense or you just lose.

FunkMachine 👍2

Imo more expensive decks like royal recruit and golem have skill in analyzing the macro of a game and determining when it is good or bad to drop the expensive card. While placement isn’t prioritized what is prioritized is the when and if you place it.

I say this as a primarily siege cycle player btw.

To me the only low skill decks are mega knight ebarb midladder matchup fish and e-giant (which is also a matchup fish)

7Aseow 👍2

Yall talking about skill when clash royale is a mobile game where only timing and one press on the screen matter, where most of the time you win or loose depending on your cards levels and the 4 cards you randomly have at the beginning of a game. Any other competitive pc game have a much higher skill requirement to be a top player. Clash royale is just a random based mobile game not meant to be a hard game to play

Pisah 👍2

Bro you play gy you just defend the whole game and spam gy poison in x3 😂😂😂😂

IM NOOB-انا نووب 👍2

hot take clash royale never needed skill and this update is the only update that forces clash royale players to actually use there brain that’s why they’re mad

Wario guy 👍1

Hot take: I’d prefer a game that always has some unbalanced cards over one where everything is balanced

D_ Shi 👍1

Hot take:Every player must enjoy the game whether you facing a toxic deck or not

Robert 👍1

I disagree
POV u drop giant graveyard at the bridge first play

Paulo Henrique 👍1

A graveyard player complaining about skill

KindOfAGod 👍1

Buddy you could argue no deck takes skill. Control decks are just cycle and spam defence, beat down is just placing cards in the back, cycle decks are basically the same as control, and bridgespam is just placing cards at the bridge.

Cam Mac 👍1

Can you tell me your opinion

Hot take: Supercell needs creat a new rarity.

I don’t mean like something that high like champion or legendary, I mean like an uncommon rarity, it will be above commons but below rare. They should spend some time coming up with like ten different cards then bring them all in. Maybe even some cards you’ve mentioned in previous videos like the Dragon Rider.

While they waiting to release the update they could tease cards do fan votes, maybe even get the community to come up with a card.

I think this will bring the game back to life a little because people love new cards

Tusk Elon 👍1

No skill decks do not exist. The only reason they’re annoying is if they’re overleveled.

Zac Demarte 👍1

when u say high skill decks should be better than the decks like royal recruits, but the high skill decks are better
just because the deck is viable doesnt mean its good, higher skill decks like miner cycle are always near the top of the meta