Hot Take: Mega Knight Needs A BUFF


QuakeKnight96 👍14

Hot take: MK needs his Spawn and Jump Damage switched. Its more realistic, anyway

ButteryBoiVR 👍11

Hot take: Golden knight has lost its use after the recent needs and in order to put him back in meta they need to buff his dash and increase his health

💫 Solar 👍7

as much as I don’t want mega knight buffed, the one buff/change id like to see is his spawn damage being able to damage air troops (best against minions, bats, lava pups, etc)

to balance it out, maybe it would be a rework; make his spawn damage affect air troops, but slightly nerf the damage itself

[J₲₲amer] 👍7

Hot take: people overreacted to the nerf of the pass

It needed to be said yall cant stfu

Steve CR 👍6

Hot take: there will be an update worse than the current one in the future

Patrick Pohl 👍6

Hot take, ladder should be switched back to mega draft

0Nebby0 👍4

Hot Take: Nerf Valkyries hit speed

Smile_anime 👍4

Hot take: sparky needs a buff.

Cakeandnanna 👍3

Hot take: Giant skeleton needs a buff; his death damage made up for his weak attack and how easy he is to kite

J-M0n3y 👍3

Mega nut doesn’t need a buff he needs a rework

The Overseer 👍2

Hot take: If witch, wizard, and MK were 1 elixir less, and properly scaled to not be dead or OP, they’d probably just be a healthy card.

Then again, MK cycle sounds so toxic

CivetKitty 👍2

Hot take: card levels are preventing midladder players from gaining skill.

Underleveled cards are basically banned from the game, which forces f2p players to continue upgrading their highest level cards. This turned a beginner strategy into the eternal midladder splash and swarm meta that even the spenders need to adapt to.

Yo Boi 👍2

Hot take: the Phoenix is too impossible to balance it, just like the electro giant. There’s no possible way for supercell to make it not too op and not too terrible so might as well delete it or rework it.

NotSlickBOi 👍2

Hot take: Why did you stop making the “How Good" videos?

Appleyn 👍1

Hot take: they should add 2v2 back to ladder and keep it in the events tab so 2v2 players can farm chests and event coins

gabriel markaj 👍1

hot take: the snowball is the best common spell

BugPasta1 👍1

Maybe a rework would help.

MrDrProfPenguin 👍1

Hot take, pekka needs a buff or rework since it’s easily defended even with support troops. See little to no play in top ladder and pekka bridge spam hasn’t been relevant in a long while.😢😢

Yoshii 👍1

I use witch wizard mega knight rocket and it’s good

Cian the one and only 👍1

Where is mid ladder?

roboninja 👍1

Hot take you need a subscriber buff

faze minecrft 👍0

The mega knight would become even more of a midladder problem than it already is if it was buffed

Kevos 👍0

It has a 45% win rate, which is the most balanced state a card could ever be at

Ahmed 👍0

mid ladder players consider mega knight is defensive and offensive card at the same time due to his 3 abilities which are weak ( according to a mid ladder menace )

Netherite Sword 👍0

mega knight doesn’t need a buff, it needs a rework. it’s shit in comp and overpowered in midladder.

Fire 👍0

Hot take : mini pekka is better than pekka so pekka needs a buff or mini pekka needs a nerf.

Pietro Razia 👍0

Hot Take: The wizard should be toned down to cost 4 elixir and be more of a grounded baby dragon with less hp but higher damage. Having an alternative that could deal with splashies and most fire ball bait decks while not having such a high cost of 5 could allow the wizard to thrive a bit more in the meta as it could be a viable alternative to the musket trading range for splash

Retired Ghost 👍0

Hot take: log is the most overrated card of all time

Tasty BeBe 👍0

Hot take: clash royale community needs more people like you, @gratz and @alberthasgoodideas

Samir Aguirre 👍0

Megaknight needs a nerf to stop being so strong in midladder