Upgrade THESE Rare Cards First in Clash Royale


Grif_17 👍8

not to mention the zappies with the gold are probably the best thing you can buy with star points

Captain Fang 👍7

Honestly if you don’t have a building, hog rider is broken, even if you have a cannon, half the time it still gets a godamn hit. I wouldn’t say “balanced", but it’s definitely not broken

XpensiveFishy 👍6

I must agree, zappies is criminally underrated

Darth Pototo 👍6

“Hog is one of the most balanced cards in the game” 💀

Retired Ghost 👍5

Mini pekka left the chat

Smile_anime 👍4

No offence, but I just feel like fireball is so overrated. There are just better choices like rocket or lightning.

Bmanbasic 👍3

Hot take: bait will always be the best archetype

Fire 👍3

Also the inferno tower and flying machine are good so upgrade them.

Bolt Cheats IN 👍3

Goblin hut left the chat

kaden withers 👍3

I know you say upgrade first… but wdym. You dont choose what cards you get so you cant choose to upgrade it first

BrilliantB 👍3

The Valk was the first rare I fully maxed and my favorite mini tank

Банка Супа 👍2

Zappies are so underrated and cute

HarryVPN 👍2

Hot take a 1 elixir single barbarian would be amazing

Icicle 👍2

Honorable Mention to the EQ and Rocket, both are great spells

Haunted Piano 👍2

One thing about Zappies.
Easily countered using arrows and fireball, some very common cards you see in a deck

Kobe 👍2

Nerf barbarian barrel

Noisy Boy 2.0 👍2

Executioner :
Guards :
Mini Pekka :

Arrogen 👍1

Also Royal Hogs, they should be upgraded in order for you to make sure they can survive a fireball

GlitchyGaming 👍1

Dart goblin in the corner crying rn tho

N1ght behr 👍1

Finally someone recognizes the zappies

Average Playstation Enjoyer 👍1

How dare you insult the mini pekka

Ryandika Adhitya 👍1

bro was promoting 2.6 hog cycle atm

Villager 👍1

Zappies can take down a single xbow by is own
Expext they have spell

Azhad Huzarein 👍1

I would switch Hog Rider with Flying Machine but overall solid list

egiant is balanced 👍1

ok i know zappies are underrated but im pretty sure they dont do that much damage

Shrek 👍1

hog is NOT balanced bru. half the time it ignores buildings and goes to crown tower, only 4 elixir, can survive a rocket, does 421 dmg per hit, and seems to always get a hit. and the stuff its paired with make it even more annoying, like hog eq, hog nado, 2.6 and so and so forth.

Sky_ Bread 👍1

I just upgrade what looks funny

DemiCape 👍1

personally I prefer poison over fireball.

Om Sethi 👍1

Hot Take: All Axe Team members are versatile.

Anonymous 👍1

What about mini pekka??