Bandit became UNSTOPPABLE ⚠️


SirTagCR – Clash Royale 👍4

A MASSIVE shoutout to VermillionKurama for sharing this moment with me! By far the best bandit I’ve seen in Clash Royale

Aj Entity 👍3

Yess sirrrrrr that was a diagonal relationship (science rizz)

Lunatic Gachatuber 👍3

Bandit is the best card

Christian Ripp 👍2

Golden knight dash for no elixir be like:

j 👍2

hey sirtag my lil e kitten

MojoRandomness 👍1

the fact that it got to the tower unscathed is even more impressive on top of all the dashes it made!

Aatrox Gaming 👍1

Bandit identified as a golden knight on steroids

Grizzly 👍1

That was wicked! 😆

Peter Parker 👍1

That bandit was hungry to slay some troops that’s an insane interaction golden knight for 3 elixir lmao

Moppot 👍1

Nah I’d be F U M I N G if I had that happen against me

Tyler Markee 👍1

Ik this is random but I’ve been going through a lot lately and you videos have been helping me a lot lately feels like it’s the only consistent thing in my life lately. Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work and keep doing what your doing!❤️❤️❤️ ggs and we’ll bounce on to the next one!

A Z O Z 👍0

My opponents bandit be like:

ExcessiveViews 👍0

Give that Bandit a name and title

Chirag Balyan 👍0

bandit in ultra instinct be like

Master Jonbgs 👍0

More stronger then golden knight

eaf e 👍0

you logged my father

David Delarosa 👍0

was looking forward to this ever since you announced it in the stream 🔥

GradualWolf8818 👍0

5th UwU daddy

Lofii 👍0

New champion unlocked! Golden Bandit joins the arena 🎉🎉

Amar Bajgora 👍0

Its one of the best cards now

Wall nut gaming 👍0


expert 101 👍0


The Warlord 👍0

POV: when you have pass Royale

Afro Loui 👍0


Curse of Ausir 👍0

Bandit Dash ready to go

paowoww 👍0

pov: you misplaced your skeletons