2 Accounts = 2 DIFFERENT offers 🤔


Jordan Gray 👍3

This guy doesn’t understand how 8 monks is insane value?

Daniel Sanders 👍2

I haven’t had an offer for ages lol. They used to milk me with super magicals all the time

Cain-dbz 👍2

I stopped playing cr because people try so hard

MF_s0ur 👍1

💀 cr offers are crazy

eaf e 👍1

btw if you have max champion you can now buy those 6$ offers for 3x champion and 50k gold means oever 135k gold for 6%

sorosh amiri 👍1

6x monk and 1x monk was differences

Legend Guy 👍1

8 monks😂

rom0gg 👍1

i swear the offers are either really good or really bad, like one of my offers right now is $9 for 1 mega knight and 10k gold, and another offer is $30 for golden knight and 3 champ wild cards

Hoff The Great 👍0

Supercell at its best! Remember, it’s a business they need to make money. True, but it’s beyond too much now. They’re killing the game & laughing all the way to the bank. Sucks!

Dronzer 👍0

8 monks vs 1 monk? Isn’t that good?

Drewski 👍0

I feel like a VQ would have been plenty, but I guess it’s not a substitute for the VR 😂

gili natanel 👍0

First 1 gives 8 monks while the second only gives 1, but yeah

Andrew Layton 👍0

The first one said 5x value and the second one said 10x. I guess that is enough for them to justify it?

Devang Gujjar 👍0

I’ve doubt for you juicy if in duels battle third battle is draw then is it go for fourth battle or game is draw?


I don’t even acknowledge the offers, I just assume they all suck

sawwify 👍0

I think the offers with the champions are great. I have maxed all champions, that means 40k gold for each champion, 8×monk would then be 320k gold only for the monks. this is a great offer. In addition, one offer has a 5-fold value and the second one has a 10-fold value, so it’s logical that it’s better. Besides, you don’t have to buy them. Those who benefit from the offers because they collect monks or have maxed out all champions are happy about it.

What? 👍0

“8 Monks is nothing" okay.

Enigmatic Gale 👍0

8 monks. That’s nothing.

Kaden Crow 👍0

So disappointing

Walter Brown 👍0

Just another average scamming deal of CR

Evan Chen 👍0

i agree (first)