Fishermen completely embarrassing Pekka 🤔


vero 👍2

Fake laugh

Thetisor 👍0

Fishermen decided to take a ping pong break

Sergio Moreno 👍0

Way to funny😂

Hiro 👍0

This was funny made my day😂

Harshil Todkar 👍0

The way goblins were going left and right😂

No-No Man 👍0

Remind me to never face them in ping pong.

Robert 👍0

Those goblins hitting some cardio

Narayan Rana 👍0

I am gonna try this 😂😂😂

Declagon 👍0

Bro got bamboozled


Pekka be crying in the corner after that 🤣🤣🤣

Rodj tyler Mercado 👍0

That pekka getting bully by a fish and goblin 💀

clayhead 👍0

They just bullied p.e.k.k.a

Sin 👍0

Lol 😂 subs for days

Леонид Зайнилов 👍0

RIP Pekka

Adarsh Sharma 👍0


Atdj21 👍0

I done it last night against mk 😂

BoodLike Hockey 👍0

This is why I love clash royale

Aran 👍0

i would’ve deleted the game if this happened to me

Pouly Varghese 👍0

Atleast pekka killed both of them😎

Kuldeep Parmar 👍0


Akshay Dey 👍0


Tony Aguilar 👍0

Lmao they’re straight bullying that pekka. 😂😂

Hansel Finn 👍0

Bro found his happiness in ladder

Arnav Misra 👍0

Ping ping match with fisherman while RG distracts MOMMY PEKKA

Josue Aguero 👍0

The goblins running after the pekka 😂

Nishant Chourasia 👍0

This moment should be featured by CR, luckiest&funniest moment 😂😂

Karmand Kirkuky 👍0


Lokesh raja 👍0

Man playing with pekka💀

Daksh Gupta 👍0

Mera tera mera tera😂

HOG 2.6 👍0

Goblins be like: there’s no use of mine😂😂