Monk was unbelivable!


FPSYuji 👍6

RG 🤮


Ghost being dum dum but doing a million damage simultaneously to the tower 🗿

Legna 👍0

Bro had more balls than the mega knight’s hands 💀

circumcizedNun 👍0

That guy personally knows the monk

rocky mountain 👍0

Bro was good with the monk

Itamar Skywalker 👍0

This Monk player know something we don’t


I agree he is an awesome monk player

C O B I E N E 👍0

bro is cold with monk☠️.

Jospotato 👍0

He went MONKIN’ all over the Arena

SpaceCowboy 👍0

Bro deflected one fire ball and spammed everything he had

Hector_47 👍0

I didn’t realize he had any balls in the first place

egiant is balanced 👍0

bro had the monk on voice call

Meme, Myself, and I 👍0

have to give credit for both of them🤷‍♂️

Ryuken 👍0

This is what we call a monk player

yvngsxdpoochy 👍0

Monk can deflect fisherman wtfff 😮

DarkDragonz7z 👍0


uvuvuevuevue ossas 👍0

Oh hi