Come. Back. STRONGER. #clashroyale #cardevolution


Star’s Cheesy Brawl 👍11

Wow, these animations happening in the Royal Arena are back? First time in almost 4 years! Nice.

Luciano Kluivert 👍9

we need a clash movie in 2026

✨MAGEA✨ 👍6

Barbarian: come back stronger
All of its counter: how many time do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!

Sus 👍5

I loved the part where Royal Ghost said “it’s disappearin’ time" and made good old days disappear

PPR 👍5

Kinght will be the next card evolved at sneak peak

Ferdoushi Begum 👍3

We all can agree that pass royale also deserve a evolution.

Victory Coconut 👍3

I can’t wait to deploy my Skeleton Evolutions!

Mangus 👍3

Despite the current state of the game, the animations are still dope as heck

Itzedille-Roblox 👍2

The moment when you get revenge in a game

Anony Mouse 👍2

Will old pass come back? And stronger?

Thibs Games 👍2

I hope this will be a good update but i have a bad feeling that the lvl 15 evolution will be too OP

BleinOcto 👍2

How it will work with the mirror?

Charlie G. 👍2

Barbarian: *becomes evolved*
Fireball: 🗿

Chief_J 👍1

Times when clash royale wakes us to reality

Dapomgomg 👍1

Can’t wait for midladders to spam evoluted cards 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Alessio Romagnoli 👍1

this means that the knight will have the next evolution

Sledge 👍1

Barbarian getting some devious backshots ☠️

LizWiz 👍1

This makes you realize how horrible the arena would be, fighting for your life usually death in painful ways while us… the king doesn’t really care for the troops and just cycles to the next batch of troops or spells.

yassine 👍1

Will the knight get an evolution?

the unused 1 elixir 👍1

That rage you get when someone hurts your sibling

Pigo146 👍1

The change no one was asking for, and that we definitely dont need

Mayeul Varin 👍1

Knight getting evolution sometimes soon ?

Angie Rojas 👍1

Me encanta el vídeo 📹 presentarlo en el juego para que lo veamos

King Extra 👍1

Losing 10 game in row cuz of level 14, now With level 15 💀

greeg 👍1

How Arrows can pierce through Knight’s armor?

TCC22 👍0

This is actually inspiring.

Arjanosky08 👍0

Pokémon evolution moment. The plot armor is coming, guys.

Miku Rowl 👍0

This is the first time we’ve been shown deaths in Clash Royale so… dark and realistic…

StoryIsGood 👍0

Knight’s dramatic death can’t hurt you:

Ryandika Adhitya 👍0

The coolest transition