Rizon 👍73

So 5 years to max out my deck to elite level

Flakes_god 👍58

I’m with B-rad, I’m not going to upgrade a single card to level 15 unless they change it. But I have faith in Supercell. I trust them to make things right. They may not have looked at our POV. Wish they would add content creators to help with developing.

Lukas Leksen 👍48

They should release atleast 4 card evolutions per season. If they only gonna release 1 per month it will take around 9 years to get all card evolutions.

Someguy 70 👍30

As I’m sure we all want to know, why do you need SO MANY CARDS for level 15

Emile Aubin-Juteau 👍28

Clash Royale is the very first game I tryhard in my life… The first game I played for more than 1500 hours…Please don’t kill it. What’s making this game special is the gameplay, the strategies, the new meta each month, the competition… it was never about levelling cards.

Please supercell, hear us and cancel level 15

XaerowOw 👍23


Drowned 👍18

PLEASE. Please REDUCE the cost and card requirement PERMENANTELY for levels 1 through 14 and REDUCE the amount of Elite Wild Cards needed for Level 15 SIGNIFICANTLY, you are going to KILL Clash Royale for good with that (evolution’s cool, keep THAT)

Reed Rhapsodies 👍15

My biggest frustration is that they never seem to learn from their mistakes, and it’s almost as if they want this game to die. The most concerning part is that unlike the update for losers, they don’t yet realize how bad this one is. Let’s stand with B-rad and the other creators and make it known to them! WE DON’T WANT LEVEL 15

Shatterix 👍14

This is all to distract you from the fact that level 15 is coming

Onlin3 👍10

Card evolutions look really cool and Im excited for them, but we don’t want level 15

Urger tox 👍10


SolarFury 👍10

Level 15 makes me feel emotions that are negative

Michael Woodruff 👍9

I like how they say “thanks to your feedback” like the community didn’t verbally abuse them for just about everything they did in the last update.

Jums 👍9

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that getting from level 14 to 15 is going to take 2x longer than it did to get from level 1 to level 14 and that they can easily add more levels to the game even though they change nothing

Señor *Jeimon 👍9

puro haters en los comentarios

David Wagemakers 👍8

We’re either going to get as excited as evolved Barbarian, or our final hope gets crushed by evolved Royal Giant

DonaldDuck_17 👍8

you’re killing the game with level 15. 50 000 cards is waaaaaaay too much

NickWang尼克王 👍7

Guys, let’s start a protest, do NOT upgrade any of your cards to level 15, just like Brad
Clash royale please don’t kill your game. We love it, and we don’t want it to be past tense.

Mythic_cr 👍6

Don’t let this game die after 7,5 years literally growing up with clash royale I don’t want this to end but if level 15 comes the among with the past updates that haven’t been as good as they could have been I’ll have to quit as its not worth the effort any more listen to the WHOLE community this time cause no one who has played this game enough wants this

Z3br4S101 👍6

Change the elite wild cards conversion rates PLEASE

SkillEd _ 👍6

I love level 15 grinding for 12hr a day for 10 years truely a clash moment

Davibelgo 👍6

Con esta actualización, sabremos si el juego tiene esperanzas de revivir o se quedará reuniendo polvo entre los juegos olvidados por su misma comunidad.

Yo le tengo algo de fe, pero a la vez siento que no va a ser suficiente para que clash vuelva a brillar como un juego divertido y a la vez competitivo.

Esperemos a ver que sucede…

Kwstikas 👍6

Good update. Loving the new “style". Only bad thing is the addition of level 15

koniec oleja 👍6

I love how we bearly know anything the about the update and the brain rotted b-rad bots are already doomsaying about how this will kill the clash royale

Hunter CR 👍5

Evolutions seem so fun, hope you guys can change the progression and make it much more realistic for us to get level 15 cards

Guardian Bravo 👍5

La actualización que la comunidad amara u odiara

Parker’s Poppy 👍4

Let’s all pray pass is getting reworked for the better in this update.

Giannis Christoforidis 👍4

There is time to change! Just reduce the cost for the “elite levels" from 50.000 to like 10.000! Please, I don’t wanna see this game die!

Gan. 👍4

Eager to spend the next decade and a half of my existence to upgrade my cards to level 15. Thanks Supercell.

AversePlayz 👍4

Supercell… Just listen. Look, the community hates the idea of level 15. It takes forever to upgrade to, the interactions/spell damage will change, and it doesn’t benefit the player any whatsoever. I understand yall probably don’t care, but if you see this, at least just make the upgrade to level 15 cost less. It’s gonna cost me 250 legendary cards to upgrade my goblins, seriously?!?