JibrilPC 👍22

when they nerf the requirements youre gonna look back at this video in absolute agony

Duarte Silva 👍7

Imagine you finally max an account, you start accumulated 5 mill gold and when they added another level, taking your progress away from you, you can’t even use that gold you accumulated to speed up the process.

Vitriol 👍6

He’s got a fully level 15 deck meanwhile I only have 10,000 elite wild cards, 20% of the way to just getting 1 card upgraded.

Kelo 👍4

thought yall were gonna try and cancel supercell 😂 yall complained abt the update but still play it everyday 😂

Sleepy Sandy 👍2

How can u convert it doesn’t let me do it 😢😢

Jeff Votteler 👍2

How do I get my first evolved firecracker?

Raj Kumar 👍2

There is no option for me to convert books into wild cards . Is it a bug?

juice box 👍1


MrHarvard Yayayay 👍1

Upgrade of shame

Rahil Raj Verma 👍1

Biggest juicyj L

ChikN42 – 👍1

These kind of people are in the trophy road and it’s impossible to grind when ur a f2p player…

fantysaurus 👍1

Hahahaha imagine upgrading to level 15. could never be me 🤡 💀💀

Level 16 clasher 👍1

I still don’t even have one😢😢

Hadeed Khuram 👍1


Chicken 👍0

We found the data

Adam Hovling 👍0

Cannot believe they have not yet removed level 15

Kanata 👍0

Congrats, you got scammed.

Jack Frenth 👍0


Fluff 👍0


Matthew Cadden 👍0

Hog eq absolutely busted shits a joke at this point Evo fc is always a negative exilr trade so by time double time comes ur down 8 exilr just from trying to kill Evo fc a joke really

AlwaysFoolish 👍0


Die Defending 👍0

I still need to upgrade the EQ and ice spirit and log to have the deck maxed.

Bigball 710 👍0

This make me so sad

Justis Espinoza 👍0

Only 5000😂

sven mammel 👍0

Such a scummy deck. Good job showing supercell they can treat us however they want.

Cogan Flanagan 👍0

wait until this deck just completely falls out of the meta😂

Ben shiotsu 👍0


AMT Aidan 👍0

Why are we buying in to level 15

Jospotato 👍0

L video

chrisfirka 👍0

Pay to win , no thanks juicy