Did executioner get a Secret Change? 😲


some guy using the internet 👍9

Executioner is an extremely underrated card.

Gg Lol 👍6

Hog rider ALWAYS gets that extra hit😅

Venomis royalty 👍4

wowww i cant believe u let his lavahound get hits 🤦🏻

BroBra 👍3

How what happened

doe 👍2

i use this deck!!!😊


I struggle so much against lavahound with this deck, especially lavaminer

Rami 👍1

How did your opponent afford skeleton drags wtf , he used 14 elixir in a very short amount of time

Simba 👍1

what’s the deck

RahimMelikli 👍1

What deck is this?

Dutch PW 👍1

What is the full deck?

Gabriel Reyes 👍0

I only wish I could think like him in a game

Pollabur 👍0

Ian playing my deck oh-em-gee

Lars 👍0

lol that inferno dragon

Clash Royale Enjoyer 👍0

I swear to god Ian77 can make every deck work even if its good or bad.😊

Nomad 👍0

Viiper deck

Koneeo 👍0

Hast some one see the 8th Card?

Dezed 👍0

Viiper’s signature


Hog exe-nado is extremely underrated

3e7u 👍0

Everybody rages when they lose because of Executioner but still no one uses it 🤷‍♂️

Shaan__ 👍0

Yo hype hes playing my main deck. I feel its pretty underaged cause it covers most things except royal giant

Joey Boomgaarden 👍0

Deck is hogexenado

Kogasa Tatara 👍0

..what change? I don’t see anything.

FadeGrove 👍0

Tbh no one should struggle against lava hound

that1kid 👍0

this deck is so underrated

Kishan kichu 👍0

What is this deck? And what are the other cards?

Zikrix 👍0

who’s the editor?

RedLord 👍0

I love you man