The *SECRET* to Countering this Deck 🤫


NaxDuck 👍9

not even B-Rad and Ryley can break through Ian of the 77 variety 😭😭😭

Clivedabest 👍2


ZaCoSmAcKo 👍1

What deck is it?

OrangePacker 👍1

What would you need dark prince etc in your deck for

rayes 👍1

Could the opponent prevent the king tower activation if they placed it on the right side of the tower?

Poly 👍1

Bro let his 77 inner out

_ Spiderweb _ 👍0

Thank you teacher Ian 🙏

Max Shi 👍0

You deserve a sub❤❤❤

Travvypatty 👍0

Ryley got countered😔😔

William Axcell 👍0

Even better it’s a CRL tornado

William Axcell 👍0

That’s a pro tornado frfr

i HATE princess Peach 👍0

5 elixir for 3

Just another weird channel 👍0


ko_9 👍0

Spo my valk womt 1 shot goblines and i kinta struggle with drills any better way to counter

Max Shi 👍0

I have learnt a lot. Thank you master❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏