TopLGabe 👍10

never back down
never give up

Jef 👍3

What an insane comeback with a random AI deck against Ryley!

Par Central 👍2

The Goblin King Really Sold That One😂

ThatOneGuy 👍2


Emran Amini 👍1

Never back down



Braden Smith 👍1

hi ian

AW Shorts CR 👍0

Of course it would be Ryley who loses to an AI generated deck 😂

Jiffydood 👍0

Nick eh 30 would be very proud

Goothie 👍0

ian can’t lose

Lorenz Smith 👍0

The music in the background is dope

mrkvaツ 👍0

For the meme, the stream, the dream and the EH team

Krishna Chaurasia 👍0

It’s just ryley doing ryley things

Itz JoshDM 👍0

Never back down, never what?

muhamad nafis 👍0

We know this guy with hog rider is unstoppable

The K-Dude 👍0

its ryley what do you expect?

Boston Smith 👍0

Asking again. Are you able to push to #1 without hog rider💀 the most no brainer no skill card in the game

grum 👍0

very very VERY rare footage of ryley making it difficult for ian

Diego Diaz Del Campo 👍0

Those guys who play that deck have no skill they just place stuff down and win

Captian00f 👍0

Never back down , never give up- Nick eh 30

Oro garcia 👍0

Ryley is dew dew

Jael 👍0

I love mommy valk😩

#UltraSkillex Z 👍0

Lo que Dijo : No Way … Lo Que Escuche ; No Wey !

Robby Siebenbour 👍0

Ian just rickrolled us all in a smart way 😅

Omri ww 👍0

I rembeber i won you i was 12 in the world and you played 3 musketerrs

TorintoT 👍0

can i have the rest of ur cards in this video .. valk mm hog pkka musk nado fb zap.. oh wait i got them all THANX!

DoggonePlayzYT 👍0

Who else but Ryley

Vicente Fritz 👍0

I remember some dude said in one of your videos that not giving up in top ladder was worthless, I guess this proves him wrong lol

Ethanthegoat412 👍0

You always beat ryley

Sad Crab 👍0

Never back down never what?