This Defense was *SCARY* 😱


a 👍7

i felt that evo skeletons dying

historywillabsolveme 👍3

“We have to defensive bomb tower"
Is there a bomb tower strategy I don’t know about?

Josue Manuel 👍1

He may be the best hog rider player but he’s also the best lava hound defender

Sithu Linn Hsat 👍1

I would have wasted all my elixir on a failed defense and have the win conditions on hand without being cycled.


Buff evo skeletons😂

Febreeze 👍1

Imagine hacking in the queso cup 🥱😅

some random weeb 👍1

Snowballing the tower would’ve given the miner an extra hit and gg

Joel Dear 👍0

The goat somehow clutching as always 😂

Jef 👍0

Ian is the only guy who can perfectly defend lava hound pushes everytime

Chandwiz 👍0

Love the content keep up the good work

Imtaj Gill 👍0

That snowball on the flying machine was peak

Frible_slayer 👍0

The angriest clash Royale player from canada

monkeyway fan :/ :/ 👍0

Keep it up

Gatling Pea 👍0

Ian train me plzzz 🥺🥺 🙏

mighty Alex clash royale 👍0

First ian play lavahound or good deck

Bartush 👍0

Bruh I defend lavaloon with *just* a dart goblin in my deck as anti air

Seviper Section 👍0

I have played this game from the day it was released maybe left playing it for a couple years in between but im Level 52 and in Ultimate champion but I would have never ever thought of snowballing the Flying Machine to the opposite lane especially in that situation.

Andre Allende 👍0

Bruh I like how you have level 11 at a crazy amount of trophies and people in arena 7 got level 11 with evolutions

Jakobmu 👍0

defensive masterclass 🔥

freedomfreedomhoi 👍0

Well THAT is really great def!

VirginWithAids – 👍0

“we just have to bide our time” not buy

Kkikk Mbraik 👍0

We just have to defend 🗿

Unknown MABV 👍0


Not_Ussop 👍0

He defeated all the “sks”💪💪

Atarsh Patel 👍0

Reverse sweeep let’s gooo

Hen. 👍0


Ricky_ 👍0

Well played

dextops 👍0

Watching your videos makes me wonder if trying to get to top ladder is even worth it. Keep up the great work.

XMike1S 👍0

Hi there