The Forgotten Card of Clash Royale 🪦


Exotic_Chimp 👍5

Ian once again showing how it’s impossible for him to lose

Игорь Чёрный 👍4

One firecracker hit deals 700 damage…. Balanced

DuckRO 👍2

Plot twist: the earthquake didn’t destory the tower and his opponent managed to destory his tower first

Imtaj Gill 👍2

Hmmmm i didnt see u take the tower there🤨🤨 u sure u won?

Clash_royale 👍1


Inconspicuous Wombat 👍1

What does the wombat say?

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Sarita Tripathy 👍0

Bro had to specify the 'very’ easy win💀

Ethanthegoat412 👍0

Ian if I was playing against evolved RG I would be screaming and you are so chill


Your always so calm it’s amazing

Fusion 1528 👍0

Love ur vids, keep up the great work ❤

Homer G 👍0

Double royal delivery

sad guy 👍0

Sup im first
Have a great day everyone:D

Daniel Kujo 👍0

Absolute chad

مشاري المويشير 👍0


EnsCity 👍0

What’s the deck?

Squidy 👍0

Royal delivery is actually pretty good

Ben Rohman 👍0

I don’t know what’s better at Clash Royale, Evovled Firecracker or Ian.

BigBrainedGuy 👍0

That snowball prediction tho

SK Atesyurek 👍0

Amazing card in miner control deck

Saul_hoodman 👍0

Devils snowball prediction

The dragon 👍0

Bro is the most clam cr player i have ever seen

Ahnaf Sammyo 👍0

Xbow is forgotten…

Rodrigo Ramalho 👍0

Isso isso mãe disso triste Royale Royale o que te deixa mais triste com quem


Ehich deck did you use

Zobos 👍0

Can you send the deck?

Dano 👍0

What is giant snowball

Clash_royale 👍0

Are you a Muslim?

Fusion 1528 👍0

That was perfect defense on the fat thug