Mugi has *NO ANSWER* to the Evolved Firecracker


MAH 77 👍7

Best English YouTuber 🙏🤍

Exotic_Chimp 👍5

Firecracker either dies in seconds or lives long enough to kill 16 different cards

CircleO 1 👍1

The evolved firecracker is absolutely cracked!
(Pun intended)

Pra Jwal Bhatta 👍1

Bro really said mugi💀

not addicted 👍0

bro destroyed archers when they were just deployed 💀💀

rayn gosling 👍0

“oh the archers… are dead" got me dying💀

alex jose 👍0

Perfectly balanced as all things should be all the future evo cards

Chitransh Bindal 👍0

Supercell is really on drugs

Vasili Kardaris 👍0

Love your vids man keep up the good work❤

Jega bot 👍0

Thank god I quit this game

Lilcheatkev 👍0

she is legitimate proof supercell doesn’t give one once of a shit about their game ☠️ and charging 6 dollars per shards. if you don’t got the evolved fire cracker you’re fucked. spend 50 bucks for 1 card is sad asf

maxwell 👍0

Firecracker on bridge incredibly high skill💯☕

行動賓周 👍0

Bro got so excited that he became thanos💀

Tornado the Twixter 👍0


*Insert name* 👍0

can you rate my deck? lvl 14 mirror lvl 14 ebarbs lvl 14 wizard lvl 11 e wiz lvl 14 log lvl 12 skellys lvl 13 firecracker lvl 13 knight im king lvl 12 arena 16

JellyMutMut 👍0

u shouldn’t feel bad for him, he’s a crl 2021 champion

TheHunterBoy 👍0

firecracker + xbow needed to be deleted

anon 👍0

8 elixir value and a shot on tower

Mohammed Mustafa 👍0

You sound a lot like 5up

Electoro Shah 👍0


Aarth 👍0

Yknow, i used to think the firecracker evo was fine because I thought it only did like 150 extra damage

I was so wrong

Diamond Minor 👍0

“Evo cracker" 🤔🤔🤔

jordan 👍0

Evolution firecracker: weakest card in Clash royale history

Shane 👍0

…as all things should be.

Accountant 👍0

Evo cracker easily the best card in the game rn
not miner, not evo rg, not hog

Raiden 👍0

Bro took 3k damage on his towers and Ian only got a single hog hit, plus the firecracker killed all the other dudes troops. What a fun balanced game

SlushyPlane 👍0

They should at least nerf it so that it dies to arroes

Cheese 👍0

The evo fire cracker be carrying me when I line it up in hog eq😂

Emeric Morgan 👍0

I’m trying to get better so ian could you please tell me a good arena 7 card

Children Farmer 👍0

Someone told me if I say “Someone told me if I say” I’ll get pinned, is it true?