100% Balanced 💀


quanebecky999 👍14

It’s so balanced!


Evo firecracker feels like cheating

Blu3Rice 👍1

Easy fix would be only make the big circle have the poison effect, or make it cost 4 elixir. But we all know if it does get a nerf, it would be something so minimal like a 0.0003 second delay. Broken OP cards that force players to level it up make supercell $$$ after all.

Griffen Vargo 👍1

Time to delete the game

Killah 👍1

ian is it possible for you to coach me on this deck? i was at 2.5k with it but tilted a little

Shaun Games 👍0

Hey Ian if I could ask, what editor do you use?

Zac Walsh 👍0

Much balance; 🧨😎

Jojobizad 👍0


Whatevs inc. 👍0

“oh he messed it up" words spoken before disaster

Lastprism 👍0

Bro evocracker needs a nerf

Christian Keller 👍0

Evo what?

mkit 👍0

This game sucks , no variety anymore even if u tried

Robbie 👍0

Wow I’m early

BLhy3na 👍0


Hog rider 👍0


ayman.k 👍0

Bro you sooo good

HAM_on_STER 👍0


Philip Barman 👍0

wdym its perfectly balance nerf minor 👍😊

Painless 👍0

Bro why you sound like a dork 😭

Chin Co 👍0


Idk why 👍0

Can you recommend me a mighty miner deck for someone who is under leveled in 6000 trophies

Koray K 👍0

Early gang

Random Channel 👍0

Defensive hog gos cr

agent J 👍0

Nice! (Second)

Sake Pig 👍0


Vai 👍0

I like poo