Dr.Fungal 👍6

I wonder how they test these cards and conclude that they are “fair"

YuichiDragon 👍5

Firecracker is an INSANE card! Nice win.

NerfMiner 👍0

Ian never fails to feed his son 😩

Diamond Waddles 👍0

Damn, firecracker cycle is the best deck. Who could’ve guessed

Heheheha Heheheha 👍0

The fact that spamming a 3 elixir support card and a bunch of cycle cards is the most viable “strategy" in top ladder just shows how bad this game’s meta and balancing are rn

Overseer CR 👍0

No it’s Ian who’s overpowerd
Supercell pls don’t add a ian77 evolution

Gavin Jordan 👍0

Ian is just so good with anything he uses. As a request, I’d like to see him play some graveyard, but not giant – graveyard, as he says that it is very different.

TotallyNotArthur ;-; 👍0

The barbarians on Ruben’s side had a blue color before turning into red before it crosses the bridge kinda weird

CAT 👍0

Who want lan77 vs crasher21

If u want like plz

Leonhard Euler 👍0

Uninstalled this shit already. Seriously? Firecrakcer impossible to log and literally spreading out posion spell? Nah, I’m out. Too much p2w stuff.

Anthony 👍0

I used to think when ever he said evo he said evil

N4th4n 👍0

Sometimes I win because of the evo firecrackers range 😮😮‍💨

Hell Xapo 👍0

Evil cracker creacking up our opponents


He used 2 evolved firecracker in seconds

Chickenhead 👍0

I like evocrack

Santiago Ramirez 👍0

is it youst me or the wrist band from the barbarians in the bigining were blue and then change to red

BirdBoy 👍0

Mid teir card, 100% needs a buff next season.

Fremch Crab 👍0

Here at 13 likes, love your content!

Cuzbee 👍0

FiRsT PlZ pIn meEeee like bro shut up no body cares

Γιώργος Σαββάκης 👍0

Evolution firecracker just fits with everything it’s just op and it has no counters because there is nothing that can completely deny it with the same or lower elixir cost

Daniel Ralph 👍0

Na bru seems pretty balanced to me tbh😂

Nickelodeon_7180 👍0

“just the cracker bro, I love it"
– Juicy J- 2023

meatyfeet 👍0

Bro made the most annoying deck ever
He turned into a super villian

radhika0608 👍0

Anyone see in the beige going that the red side barbs had blue bracelets

Jose Zurstrassen 👍0

I date u to use ice golem as win condition


Me still struggling to unlock evil fier cracker 😢

Bread Boi 👍0

3 card cycle wildin

Joao Vedovato 👍0

The evo cracker is insane.

Bihadu Nethmika 👍0

Every one asking for a big nerf for firecracker with these types of vids

Cumza 👍0

Only difference was Tesla instead of pump