*SATISFYING* Win vs Morten


crabb 👍13

i dont know why people even stopped using monk, its so good

jordan 👍3

Boy ain’t no way you put an amogus character in 2023

ノアNoah™アラン 👍2

Bro Morten had the match and you win Wow

Cheese 👍2

Hello ian77 aka ryley enemy

Wise 👍1

Nice tourney. You got unlucky with the last matchup though

Sleet 👍0

What was that Among Us character telling to subscribe 💀💀

HumanBeing2.0 👍0

Actually broken tho needs a nerf

Justin_Time1200 👍0

Knights PFP is absolutely disgusting!!!!

Orphed 👍0

u counter

Captian00f 👍0

Possible the most monk of all time

EggyEndymion623 👍0

I missed first comment like ryleys spells

HumanBeing2.0 👍0


Tornado the Twixter 👍0


Nabasket24 👍0

Best player❤

Joao Vedovato 👍0

Monk was indeed the mvp.

Ada Gao 👍0

nice win show the loss against eragon next

Larryking09 👍0

amonk us

Chrisbfries 313 👍0

I love you iN

johnny eli 👍0

Good vid