I Can't *BELIEVE* That Happened 🤯


RavDeBest 👍5

Bro was so desperate he turned off the king tower

Miado 192 👍5

“Ice tiny" ptsd from boom arena

SkeletronYT 👍3

Ice Tiny 💀🥶🥶🥶

ノアNoah™アラン 👍2

U・S・S・R 👍1

Ice tiny, heal tiny .

But he never says fire tiny or electro tiny😢

Epic Bosco 👍0

Dude kept using tornado as his answer only to have it become his demise

Lastprism 👍0

He deactivated king tower 💀

purab vangani 👍0

Ian is the type of guy who can 3 crown in overtime

友利奈緒 👍0

And he sacrifice THE KING!!!

Odemiar 👍0

Ice tiny is the goat 💥💥💥

Very Skilled Football Commentator 👍0

You are by far my favorite clash royale YouTuber. Keep up the good work.

Lost_Gamer96 👍0

W Ian 🔥

Monkey_Maxi 👍0

bro is abusing the firecracker and the enemy too :/

Holden Hines 👍0


Rogerツ 👍0

Well played 🎗️

Palestineball 👍0

He literally sacrificed the king

Annoying_Orange 👍0

King tower deactivated

Local weather 👍0

Smartest golem player:


“ice tiny" bro not the boom arena card names especially the wb called suicide

Tornado the Twixter 👍0


Drew 👍0

He quite literally deactivated the king tower.

Nr. N 👍0

Bro deactivated his king tower

Accountant 👍0

Nerf hog rider tbh
tired of “its support cards that are op not the hog" excuses when hog decks always consistently on top

Joao Vedovato 👍0

Average king tower deactivation.

Yusuf Rahman 👍0

Bro been playing too much boom arena 😭😭😭

inversalproxD 👍0

What’s the hardest match u have played?

Willow 👍0

Whatvdevk is this?

Slushys 👍0

King tower deactivation 💀

golden25 👍0

Whats the deck

Kanata 👍0

Smartest evo firecracker player: