How to *COUNTER* Evolved Royal Giant


AnFon 👍10

“Eeeeeeee…. Ice tiny?" 💀

Cameron Thomson 👍1

Bro just calmly outplays his opponents easily🗿🍷

Michael Schellhorn 👍1

Just as I thought the xbow decks were done…

AllState2x 👍1

If you had shards to evolve a card now, which one is best to choose?

KF 👍1

can someone explain why he calls it tiny?

Unknown MABV 👍1

There’s Evo archers? 💀

lwb1188 👍0

Ryley definitely swallowed his piece of chewing gum

Max Shi 👍0

As someone who swallows their gum all the time, this has been really helpful. Thank you Ian.

abejamie 👍0

he’s noticed the comments and now just always calls it an ice tiny

Fusion 1528 👍0

I love ur cr vids, keep up the great work 👍

Elliot Berluti 👍0

@Ian77-ClashRoyale, will xbow take over with the upcoming knight evolution?

Dracarus 👍0

You make the game seem to easy.

Wayne Phan 👍0

👇🏿If Ian 77 and crusher 21 are the best clash content creators

Mike oxlong 👍0

W vid as always

Michael Alstadt 👍0

3rd 😅


And that win is also against DiegoB, so extra nice


Bro just became crusher at the end

JoniG59 👍0

Xbow much worse then RG

Sarthak Bansal 👍0

POV: They have arrows

Aynur Yıldız 👍0

How to counter evolved royal giant:
Step 1) Be Ian.

Brody Brubaker 👍0

Tbh rg evolution isn’t really that good compared to the other evolutions. But ya that was crazy defense.

InfinitySpeed 👍0

How did you know I’m chewing gum

Aniruddh Srinivasaraghavan 👍0

as an xbow player i shamelessly appreciate ur content

Om 👍0


CorpusGreed 👍0

Me after i subscribe, but still accidentally swallow my next chewing gum: You liar…

Dutch PW 👍0

Please mega knight needs a buff pin this so everyone knows❤❤❤❤

Surging Juice 👍0

Ice tiny is so funny🤣🤣🤣

Luca Aqua 👍0

Ryley is better because he don’t play X bow

Jiddey Jiddey 👍0

Relax, in 1 hour that deck is gonna get a good bump in viability😂

Darcy S 👍0

Everytime I see one of these clips I just think about how shit I am at the game