Evolutions Damage Battle


Anubhav Pancha 👍17

“The lowest damage are the scary ones"💀

EG clash royale 👍16

Nah you did the evo skeletons dirty 💀

Edit: What I meant was every evo did damage, and it was an evo damage battle, so he should have let the evo skellys also get damage

astr0jack 👍10

Evolutions are so overpowered they broke the game

Dedede is Dosh 👍4

What is the song?

ToSad 👍3

Ian making comparison video 🗿

CodyBoi 👍2

“Perfectly balanced”

Hector_47 👍2

Don’t worry they aren’t that overpowered they said.

Nacer Omar 👍2

Tbh knight isn’t op

NinjaRaptor 👍2

Bro saw these type of videos on his fyp and is now recreating them for views😂

AllState2x 👍2

Which card is best to evolve? Still trying to choose?

HayHay 👍1

I can hear Ryley complaining about this in my head

walter 👍1

firecracker got violated 💀

Just Lenny 👍1

Evolved barbarians are actually the only card in the game that can 3-crown on its own

Matthew 👍1


TryNot🥂 👍1

The lowest damage it does, the scarier the card is…

just_better 👍1

bro if Evo skeletons connect then that’s basically game over

alvin 👍0

Hold on why is Ian77 making these types of videos?

Orib 👍0

honestly shoulda put an ice spirit w the skeletons to get the full effect

Bb india 👍0

When Ian becomes editor 😂

Zeph_cr 👍0

Gonna have to give the win to Larry


Didn’t even know this was from Ian 🤑

Beam 👍0

Just a defensive 3 elixir card taking an entire tower😂

אוריאן גייסמן 👍0

Ian quitting real clash cause rylei destroyed him:😂

Reality 👍0

Pov: Ian learns how to edit

Fin 👍0

Evo skeletons after one of them connects : I GO CRAZYYYYY BRRRRRRRRRRRR

se. 👍0

i think people should take into consideration elixir when deciding if these evos are broken or not, evo knight needs a slight damage or attack speed nerf and the mortar definitely needs a buff

SD 👍0

He forgot to put the ice tiny with evo skeletons

Matias Espinola 👍0

The data says its balanced

Don SilasTV 👍0

As a Mirror Barb player I can confirm 😈

Aaron Jung 👍0

You could get more damage with the evo mortar if you destroy a tower and place it there, although I can see a argument being made that they should all be placed in the same place and not the most optimal