Playing in a $70,000 Clash Royale Tournament 😯


Blue Lobster Burrito 👍12

Bro is slower than a turtle mixed with a sloth 💀

spiky 👍7

Your rg prediction was INSANEEE

Fusion 1528 👍0

Just remember for motivation you always have the ryleys to support you in all your games 😂

RealmzRealizz 👍0

Ian’s predictions are always on point

just a guy who solos his verse 👍0

It’s insane what years experience break this game..

This match is literally the prove of Future sight.

Ricky_ 👍0

the riley barrel clutching

Apophis 👍0

This is the most excited I’ve ever heard Ian

Lucky Trinh 👍0

*That RG prediction* 🥶🥶🥶

Ichigo_ Kurosaki 👍0

I am convinced this man knows all the interactions with cards every player know to man kind and every deck that can possibly made not to mention the insane comebacks he makes

D MG 👍0

Ian, i was wathing you from Friends and i need long video about P1, P2, P3 and now P4, and explain Who win and why elim etc

ItzRed Playz 👍0

Nah thats the craziest match i have ever seen

Péaky Blinderş 👊 👍0

Bandit 😬

🔥 Ian Hulett 🗿 👍0

Bro is slower than a snowballed golem

michael 👍0

what a gaaame

D MG 👍0

Ian, are you going to give diamond pass?

Imtaj Gill 👍0

Win and I’ll buy you a cheese burger

Эндрю Аджулов 👍0

если бы он использовал возможность монаха, то он бы, возможно, победил

Chosen 1 👍0

Bandit underrated❗️

Seviper Section 👍0

See this is what I’m talking abt…we rarely see skill win these days… it’s always the dude with good evo cycle or a dude with evo gets an instant win against someone who doesn’t have one 99% of the time

Greyhound7833 👍0

Let’s go!!

Mohammed hany 👍0

can you guys stop trolling on EGW. he won that duel game 2-1 btw so shut up.

Samuel Jeffery 👍0


Luca Aqua 👍0

ryley 2.0

NoChannelAllowed 👍0


Dennis Kol 👍0

Egw isnt a greek word? He might typed a greek word in english because egw means me

YoYo 👍0

Felt like the first monk accepted his fate 😂

Akram Mamatov 👍0

He cant kil the evo barbs o he can 😂

Dark_44 👍0

You are out 😂 you lose 3 hahahah

Jeremiah Jeantet 👍0

Yoo what do you think of a 2.6 bandit cycle.

blehg 👍0

bandit is goldenknight at home