This Card is TOO OP 🥵


Pappy 👍10

Rare footage of Baby Dragon being used after Phoenix release

CircleO 1 👍2

In my opinion, the baby dragon is perfectly balanced. It doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it can survive a fireball with a considerable amount of health left. It’s often useful, but it really takes the spotlight like in this case.

slushy cr 👍1

I love how baby dragons usage rates have gone up. It’s so understated and easily my favorite card

RealmzRealizz 👍1

Sometimes the win condition isn’t the win condition 😂

Cuzbee 👍0

Something about Ian’s voice is so calming

vien pham 👍0

The freeze spell placement got me tummy’s hurt….

Epic Bosco 👍0

Besides that freeze, damn baby dragon can deal so much dmg

pizza565 👍0

That was a Ryley freeze

itsJibby 👍0

that freeze is so painful 😭😖

OrangePacker 👍0

Those freezes were awful 😂

MemePiano 👍0

Ryley type freeze

rbityello1206 👍0

baby dragon needs emergency nerf

Sizeta 👍0

Why didn’t you freeze the goblins ☠️

Justin Wright 👍0

Why not freeze the goblins on the baby dragon

Ricky B. 👍0

Anyone know the full deck he was using?

ggsmrdoink 👍0

I can’t wait for baby dragon evolution to make it turn into a big dragon, same with electro dragon

Fusion 1528 👍0

When the title says op card………. Me waiting to see a magic archer😂

Sponge Bob 👍0

Any hunter lover

B33v5 👍0

What was that freeze

Tornado the Twixter 👍0


Bluekoldd 👍0

BEST freeze i’ve never seen

Matz 👍0

u did tell that the baby drag is the win condition in multiple videos

Shiv Prasad Mukkatil 👍0

Babyd is a good card but what makes it so good is pairing it with nado else it’s just mid or slightly better than mid

Chris Schreiber 👍0

that freeze miss Hits me hatd

Sus 👍0

Why didn’t you freeze all goblins?



Eren Sahin 👍0

Baby dragon>>>Phoenix, phoneix is so overrated

cherry get away 👍0

what card is missing from this deck not shown in the video?

Seviper Section 👍0

Tornado ruined the game fr. I remember activating king tower back then

CondorRex 👍0

Ian is so freaking good I really need to take note of your skills I’m absolutely garbage!