This Card is Clutch 😎


yt 👍7

Didn’t expect to ever see Ian play a balloon rectruits deck

RealmzRealizz 👍2

Ian never backs down from a hard match, he always tries to do his best

amberiscrow 👍2

Mega nut gonna be OP this season ngl

Not_Ussop 👍1

The fact that it was 2 and a half evo recruits and a one shot marcher and they almost took a whole king tower

Idk 👍1

Teach me the ways on how to be a pro or give tip decks

Luc Lamantia 👍0

Me in the event playing like my life depends on it

Grove2k isback 👍0

heal spirit in the end : 😛

Mature Indian 👍0

Ian went from being the best clash royale player in the world with high skill decks to playing toxic midladder decks ignoring counter push

chm_21 👍0

Almost lost to recruits 😭


That heal tiny would’ve saved the day

𝔃𝔃𝔃𝓧𝓪𝓷𝓷𝔂 👍0

Nice win.

20-AGC-UL-02 👍0

ian: ghuust

nimimoon 👍0

I wait all day for you to post a new video ❤

Asian_Death 👍0

I am the 1000th person to like🎉

Anunnamedsoul 👍0

OwO what’s this!

chuytp 👍0

average loon player ignoring the counter push

pushpalatha JS 👍0

First pin please