The Difference Between Me and Ryley 💀


Laloongod 👍7

I have a theory where Ian’s biggest fear is Ryley becoming a better player than him and he’s doing everything to try to hide this.

Bread Boi 👍1

I thought I was watching Ian77 for a second

billy goat 👍0

Ryley is the sensei that teaches us how not to do things

RealmzRealizz 👍0

Ryley’s effect is so contagious nearly every opponent Ian verses suffers from it 😂

realityblows 👍0

That was a juicy rocket

TurtleDSR 👍0

He also misses the poison on yiur exe

WealyBigDolla 💲💲 👍0

You’re in the noob division

The Soviet Union 👍0

I don’t think the musketeer will die🤯

Davvy Papi 👍0

Ain’t no why he thought a rocker couldn’t Killy muski

John McGrath 👍0

Bro literally missed like 6 times