*CRAZY* Ending 😨


Overseer CR 👍5

Ian always fails to fails us

Julius Ruiz 👍3

As usual another Ian W

Mup 👍1

Interesting short fr fr ong

RealmzRealizz 👍0

Even when Ian loses he still adds lessons and tips on how to improve

ducky 👍0

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost because of that

The Overseer 👍0

E dragon is amazing at those unexpected connections

AMT Aidan 👍0

Show more losses u learn a lot from them

Thatdogfromscoobydoo 👍0


Nigoku 👍0

Hey ian77 now a days evos are in every deck I can’t seem to find a deck without them because im free to play, can you try a deck without evos in the future?

Justus P 👍0

Ian wins….how surprising 😐

Unknown MABV 👍0


Beam 👍0

Edragon is underrated

Thumbs 👍0

Ryley sent this man to get you

Imtaj Gill 👍0

Atleast it wasn’t ryley

Hawk46 👍0


Zaevski Andrej 👍0

This guy losing to a golem deck. It is as rare as it can get.

The Turtle Crab 👍0

And the god bleeds

Dimid 👍0

Rare sighting of Ian losing

Parker Myhre 👍0

You’re good bro golems tough to defend mighty miner would have came in clutch

TIsForTerror 👍0

Even tho he lost bomb tower shouldn’t have even been defending for that long 🤦🏻‍♂️ nerf bomb tower

NotKaden22 👍0

Here before 1k likes ->

ilham septian 👍0

I love watching pro Players lose

jordan 👍0

We already know that ryley is happy dancing while watching this

facial panter 👍0

Which video was this match in?

Identity Evolution 👍0

Wow That guy really put the happy in his name

RavDeBest 👍0

WOW Ian lost, I think it is time to retire Ian.

Personator 👍0