Trolling in Jungle Arena 💀


Austin916 👍6

I have subscribed to your YouTube membership and was wondering when I can get your friend link. Thank you

Overseer CR 👍4

I liked my own comment

BirdBoy 👍1

Your aura is so strong he felt intimidated through the screen.

Joao Vedovato 👍0

Ian doesn’t have to win to destroy his opponent’s morale.😅

RealmzRealizz 👍0

Any opponent Ian verses that suffers from the Ryley effect is now a ‘goofball’ 😂

Christopher Oey 👍0

Ian is the reason that guy quit crl

Mxsty. 👍0

Bro 8 views im early

jma 👍0

Someone please explain to me why he sounds autistic

Badger Bear 👍0

Not jungle arena 💀

BRUH channel 👍0

Isnt this silent sanctuary?

Fremch Crab 👍0

I love black men

Sebby Does Stuff 👍0

Bro the opponent got there by being a midladder menace or something.

Saketh 👍0

Bros here ending peoples career in a pay to win game

x2friends 👍0

How do you go against lvl 11 at 6000+ but me at 5400 I go against 12 and 13 players

Jonathan Reveles 👍0

This is proof KG is talking shit when he’s not streaming

YKZ 👍0

why didnt the hog go to the bomb tower

Shitty Gaming PC 👍0

Why did Ian have to play Ryley?

gusterM 👍0


whoareu 👍0

ian’s trash talking is on another level

cnj 👍0


ParkerJoe 👍0

Ian waddup