Sigma Men 😎


Black dude 👍28

We done need hoes we got crowns and princesses 🗿

Neev Agrawal 👍6

Ian taking inspiration from Levy i see

Its Liddel 👍3

This is the least of what I would expect from Ian 😂.

Donald the Duck 😀 👍3

The split second Levi appearing in the screen:

Spring Radio 👍2

I want gothamchess
We have gothamchess at home
Gothamchess at home:

Bread Boi 👍2

I love the levy style. Hoping this blows up.

Philip Chalhoub 👍1

We all know when you get the ultimate champions emote all the girls flock you

Not_Ussop 👍0

Realest thing I’ve seen all day😂


Broooooo I wasn’t expecting it to be an Ian’s video and I was like that’s my boy lol

Questionable Intentions 👍0

been watching chess content lately?

Frank 👍0

Legend for this 🔥

ninjaslayerAH 👍0

Ian should date Austin…

RealmzRealizz 👍0

Ian the gigachad

Manasseh Douglas 👍0

Bro I love how it just cuts to Ian spewing nerd language let’s go 😂

grim.][.sentinel 👍0

Oh my God holy shit Ian has been coming up on my feet so often so this caught me completely off guard 🤣

OURcade 👍0

My man’s the Gothamchess of clash royale with these shorts

Loading 👍0


sonicunleshed 👍0

Thought this was a Gotham chess vid for a second genuinely surprised me

Krystek 👍0

The beginning 🤣🤣🤣

arxelin 👍0

gothamchess is that you??

Fir3Cl4w 👍0

Love that intro 😂

Vertex-Jesepe 👍0

Best video I’ve seen from you man 😂

Fictitious Lordz 👍0

who need hoes when u have princess and archer queen 🤤

Red Wolf 👍0

I thought I accidentally swiped and went to the next short lol

The Turtle King 👍0

He just like me fr

Mark Small 👍0

LMAOOOOOOO you love to see it

CarClipHub 👍0

No hoes but a top 1 finish and into CRL 🤷‍♂️

notLexa 👍0

omg does Ian play chess???

Owen 👍0

Ok fine that was funny

Rosé 👍0