Wessel 👍2

Goblin giant rage is also such a strong combo when the spears are on the tower and it’s raged it deals so much damage and you can’t do anything about it especially with the buff

TheUltimatePie 👍2

Bro I’m saying this as a favor
That haircut is not it

Matthew Cadden 👍0

Supercells release notes to content creators…. ," make sure u hype up Evo bats " 😂

DIYLobotomy 👍0

Yeah dude evo bats go crazy when your opponent is asleep 🗣️🔥

bob nguyen 👍0

JuicyJ: The bats and rage needs an emergency nerf! 😂😂😂😂

butter-bot 2 👍0

All the sweats are in master one for some reason every-time i play i go against someone who got to top 1000 when im barely in arena 18😭

Cat_squad🐱 👍0


Lewis Miller 👍0

The bats might be the worst evo, so easy to deal with

Uchral Tamir 👍0

Evo bats are actually evil bats 👿

levy rozman 👍0

Barb hut was the mvp

ellis baker 👍0

does anyone know what his last card is?

Ryan Mountain 👍0

Wait it speeds up their healing as well? That’s actually disgusting omg

personman18 👍0

Next challenge: play 8 games and make a deck using the first cards that each opponent places down.

Sam Hauser 👍0

the life steal 😂

Miguel Martinez 👍0

Nice push! What’s the full deck?, love the Tokyo ghoul poster❤

Hugh jaeness 👍0

He tells other people to touch grass

Matej 👍0


Julian10 👍0

You wont

Julian10 👍0