The Rarest thing in Clash Royale 🤫


Doggo 👍7

Sometimes, the stress gets to you from a push and you just play stupid plays because you’re stressed

El Chapo 2 👍4

I tried the xbow glitch it dosent work

Wottermelon 👍1

Plot twist: That was secretly Ryley

RealmzRealizz 👍0

The opponent was having flashbacks from when the evo firecracker took half your tower with 1 shot

android dolphin 👍0

We’ve all been there bro

Legendary 👍0

1 small mistake leads too many mistakes whenever i play😭

Giovanni_Alesss 👍0

Epic predict

Price Medlin 👍0

He was so tired of those damn firecrackers 😂

DiscoCat24 👍0

Whats the deck?

S3_Limitless 2018 👍0

i used to rocket goblin barrels when i had log bait mirror matchup lmao

Matthew Cadden 👍0


Illustrious 👍0

bro let little bro play

the j 👍0

Why’d you upload the same clip twice?

Samu 👍0

Maybe he just try to predict my gf

Nabasket24 👍0


Onionking38 👍0

the best thing you can be in life is a disgusting alone little freak who is not deserving of love. Some would say family man, etc but they’re wrong, I eat my own shit out of the toilet scooping with my hands and i sleep like a fucking baby

Bread Boi 👍0

Ian never fails to ride my hog