Little Prince is BROKEN 😱


nameless 👍3

As a person who doesn’t have a phone, I take this as an absolute W

Snowball 👍3

This champion is of 6 elixir, pretty balanced to see, almost feels like a Goblin Giant, where the Giant tanks the Spear Goblins.

Chaseboss 👍3


Suttonater 👍2

I told my mom to embrace her mistakes and she hugged me

KiePie 👍1

But little prince can still be countered by many things if it doesn’t use it’s ability which is pretty expensive.

TheHood 👍0

Damn, my phone is at -1% battery

RealmzRealizz 👍0

Ian never misses the abilities

gear5 👍0

I feel like this champion isn’t rlly strong

hhii4000z_gamingYT 👍0

as someone who’s watching this on a nintendo switch, this is the biggest W of my life. (my phone is dead)

jason burrell 👍0


Pumpking Pie 👍0

Smash (the woman bodyguard)

Echo 1 4 8 6 👍0

What if I watch this on TV and my phone is dead? Do I report or unsubscribe? Or do I dislike the video?

Deniz Seyhan 👍0

The first Steam game I ever saw was castle crusher. I was watching mu cousion play it and he was playing with theif. Theif might not be the best at PvE but it is busted in PvP since it can do a lot of arrow damage.

𝔃𝔃𝔃𝓧𝓪𝓷𝓷𝔂 👍0


Alex Martinez 👍0

My phone is in negative 2😊

keiser 👍0

I got the notification for this 2 hours late ian pls fix

Ben Opperman 👍0

Hey Ian, do u think that little prince will be a viable option I pekka bbridgespam?

Kavin Venkatesh 👍0

Could I use xbow with archers evo and little prince for knight, or would there be a better sub?

No Forwhat 👍0


Green Doom 👍0

Damn, my phone is currently 🫃🏿% battery

jainy goerge 👍0

Can u pin this comment?

thebloongames • 5 months ago. 👍0

Nah its not broken