Child Prodigy 👍4

The way you say damage makes me want to throw my phone against the wall😅

FuturePastNull 👍3

Me holding my breath during this short:🫁💪🥵

Noa Pedraza 👍3

I lost my edging streak of 30 days to him laughing 😡

RealmzRealizz 👍1

Even when Ian misses the ability he still takes half the tower

Levi Oliver 👍1

No sub 4 u

TheBarbequeKid 👍1

Little prince needs a major nerf rn, need to make his ability at least 4 elixir or sum tbh

n00bust3r 👍1

i am 2nd and i totally held my breath 💀

trisfits 👍0

Lavahound players: “I dont defend so surely my attack is go-“

Patrick Pohl 👍0

I can’t wait for the next videos when Ian’s says the little prince shouldn’t… and then the little prince does it

HoopsX 👍0

Last time I came this early my girlfreind left me

Meme Cake 👍0

Lil prince is evolution musketeer

Maxwell Bradford 👍0

I didn’t breathe

Dimitris Papanagnos 👍0

yo Ian make a lava hound deck variaton for the new meta please…

CR pay 2 win 👍0

What was your favorite champion then?

Ric Flair 👍0

with the recent nerf to lavahound and now this card.
LH is dead for sure

HankBEAMRust 👍0

light work breath hold

Kiyopon 👍0

I think I am going to di….💀💀💀

Coc6 Coc6 👍0

I have a 2.4 elixir mortar wall breaker spam with no heavy spell and evo archers as my only troop air defense, idk if I can defend lavahound with that but I am 7 wins 1 draw and 0 losses with it so far

The deck: evo archers, knight (not evo), mortar (not evo), wall breakers, log, arrows, skeletons, ice tiny

Pls try it out

death 👍0

I took a rip of my bong as soon as i heard that shit.. rip my lungs bro im dead 💀💨

Duhvinshi 👍0

What up faaaaam

MasterJBT 👍0

actually i feel lava got slightly better with little prince for evo barbs

King Garey 👍0

My dumbass holding my breath then realizing I’m already subscribed 🤡

Cynical Raid 👍0

Thank god lavahound is dead

Levi Oliver 👍0

I blacked out during this short

Lawrenzlo 👍0

W. But use only sharp sticks as ur next units (arrows, spears)

Kevin Hernandez 👍0

Have to say the new champion is interesting

Ab Tagua 👍0

Lava hound user: “No, i just faced with Ian77 and its not fair"😤😤😤💪💪