Please Explain this 🤦‍♂️


Hendrik Linnen 👍1

The evo goblin is going to make the sound of Ryley’s laugh every time it hits something, therefore making the opponent go crazy and quit the game.

Salty Salmoling 👍0

As long as the little prince whistles the guardian will dash in, even if he dies before the animation fully finishes

Benjamin Bui 👍0

Soldier came to avenge the little prince’s death

Rayan Masrur 👍0

Yeah, I tried this in friendlies, and I noticed, if it gets to the first frame of the whistle animation, the guardia will come. Another thing that is really weird, I noticed that if you activate the ability but it dies before the first whistle frame, it literally just gives you uour 3 elixir back. You can recreate this by activating the ability rigth before it dies, and looking at your elixir bar, its hilarious.

Ian, you are an amazing youtuber, if you ever get burnt out, just take a break, because your mental and physical health matters more then youtube ❤.

Baiano 👍0

Its always nice to see ian beating toxic decks whit cool decks


Little prince ruined the game

RealmzRealizz 👍0

Evo archers just melt everything

Jameson Kampe 👍0

I’m only at 5400 trophies I can’t help you Ian ☠️😵

Donna🔞 👍0

*Let’s just appreciate how much a lot of time Ian77 – Clash Royale puts in these awesome videos to make our day, huge respect!* 😂 😀

Nikunj Tahilani 👍0

Lessgo broken little price

ZeroFouR 👍0

Barb barrel on balloon 😂

boy69alive 👍0

I m playing clash royal by 5 years but I do not have any skin can you help me clash royal id champion arena 16

Martin Cowdrey 👍0

I love evo archers

Morgan 👍0

Should have minored in front of the archers to predict it better, rookie mistake

Mythic 👍0

I know the patch notes have already been released but I think a good nerf to the little prince would be to lower the dash distance, knockback distance, and first hit speed of the ability guardian knight thing

Personator 👍0

Realmz we got beef🍖🍖🍖

Birasat subedi 👍0

It has also happened to me😂😂

Príncipe451 👍0

El rival:
Asumo un poco de daño

It’s Me 👍0