Snowstorm Building + Boohoo Emote


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I was the 2nd to last fight. My thumb hit lower by accident on that nado. I meant to pull back the gob giant not toward the tower.

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Guys were all gonna be mad when e-barbs get a evolution itll be soon because they are giving evos to commons first so were all gonna be stuck with that thought

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Is there a pattern of the freeze effect to strategize against it?

@banano2210 👍1

can you warm your opponent’s troops?

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Watching an oj stream gives me ptsd of the ad-pocolypse back in the day.

@nineteen5941 👍1

OJ it let me buy it for less than you 😭. Mine was only 5 bucks.

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11 comments gang

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Stream start 3:49

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I feel like that they’re going to nerf the taking away ammo gadget. Because, as we’ve learned that doesn’t end up doesn’t make the community happy about it. So

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That boohoo emote is going to be toxic. Love it

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👇 real OJ fans

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oj do you remember when lukiebear triple jumped with only one toe 🤣

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I was The guy u faced on 54:30 I couldnt believe it was u, OMG ggs

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$7 for emoji, oh yeah

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5 dollars for a emote is crazy

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if i lose to ebarbs megaknight rage then they hit me with the mimimimimi then im throwing my phone

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“what’s extra not worth it is this, i’m buying it anyways" – OJ

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I used Hog Cycle wit little prince. Kinda bad but pretty good cycle.

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Call me crazy but i’d stack golems in the back and wait to build a fat push and unfroze everything at once😭

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Supercell I’ve a business idea for you. Create a BM emote, and make it priced 1000$, OJ will definitely buy it just to be at top of emotes collection 😂

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Oj try spell cycle on this mode lmao

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Warmth should be a spirt😊

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TH16 stream tomorrow?

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@orangejuice the update for CoC is in 5 minutes if you still want to do a early vid on the update

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Hello OJ my name is jimmy I love ur videos so much u made me play clash royals I LOVE U💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💪❤❤❤

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Use mk,cracker,bats,e spirit,mini pekka, hog rider, fire ball


He said I will BRB I going g to get water but comes back with something that is not water so where’s the water


You definitely deserve higher views

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lmao says he can’t defend piggies but has ghost, firecracker and tornado…you’re just bad hahahaha XD