Making a Statement…🥱


@realmzrealizz 👍2

That ebarb was too unpredictable 😂

@devd_rx 👍1

my dad mirror raged all over the place on my mom

@sirmonke1923 👍1

In what world did rage do more king tower damage than log

@chm_21www 👍1

mirror ebarb saved the day

@Kqrma01 👍0

“wait this might have been a mistake"

@mackattack1602 👍0

Crusher21 ah deck

@IMayWin 👍0

The rages made his opponent rage. Ian made a statement

@ahmedmuhannad-qk8zo 👍0

We need to rage😡

@dashyz3293 👍0

level 15 spell damage on the tower is unreal

@Scissors-ci6sq 👍0

I knew that my statement about Ian being into Riley was right


I’ve watched this so much; it’s become my personal happiness therapy.

@nikidam9211 👍0

Its stupid that rage do damage? Its the same with heal

@joaovedovato1681 👍0

I think ian has to make a statement.😅

@quvonchbek4984 👍0

Rage cycle 😂

@snuucreations1202 👍0


@joshkjoby8400 👍0

@ian did you see the little price rework