Bro got Spawn Camped 😭😭


@IMayWin 👍2

Any tips on how to time a Royal delivery on goblin barrels???

@Rrojas200 👍1

This dude literally sounds like “ 🤓 “

@Dylan-gu5nm 👍1

wth was that laugh lol

@Basketballall_edits 👍0

Bro the laugh was crazy 😂😂😂

@Lightning_XD 👍0

Ryley didn’t even have a chance to spawn in💀

@sachalapointe9269 👍0

That goblin laugh is busted poor Riley’s

@syakirin. 👍0

not the ryley laugh😭

@Posizo 👍0

nice pre log on the ryleys

@realmzrealizz 👍0

These edits are on point

@user-yz6sn8nu9b 👍0

Yeah but he predicted your ice spirit

@ReinerBraun7 👍0

Hehehehehe 🤓

@Crakinator 👍0

Wow the violation, 10/10

@thechickenking3840 👍0

Bro that my name 😅

@adityaranjan1677 👍0

This is a bot

@tgrtyt8272 👍0

Whats the deck???

@FeusaTV 👍0

ryleys iconic teehee was his final words

@RanchKings 👍0


@Andesite0205 👍0

I would pay my liver to watch Ian play royal recruits for one game 🙏

@zCloud_9 👍0

Where’s the link?

@Realskullking 👍0

@Ian77 You probably wont respond to my comment but is the evolution offer for royal giant and royal recruits in shop worth it

@joshkjoby8400 👍0


@nowun7438 👍0

Ian sucks

@mr.camo- 👍0

ian never fails ❤