Is this the BEST EVOLUTION? 🥵


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gen z alpha baby’s commenting I’m first or second grow up


Like or you’re a furry

Edit: yes I liked my own comment

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Heal tiny goes so hard

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Evo Valk 🗿

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I didn’t think evo archers were too strong until the first time someone used them correctly against me. Then I couldn’t do anything.

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And to think that there was once a day where archers was a card that was for skilled decks 💀

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Archers carrying 😂

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I like cookies

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Any evos can be the best if you played👍You can play so well

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Evo valkyrie will hard-counter every charging troop

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Merry Christmas everybody

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Archer for sure the best evo kills everything and never dies

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I thinks evo knight is better After the nerf of archers

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merry christmasa

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How did I get this video twice in a row???

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